Jackie O got $3M to marry Ari; $59M Island home for sale

Island home on market for $59 million, three times previous remembered record

Polis Harbor home's neighbors are Jack Welch and Google chair Eric Schmidt

   The "compound" has 20 rooms, 9 1/2 baths and a gatehouse on a 70-acre lot, all for $59,000,000.

By Walter Brooks

When your next door neighbors are retired General Electric chief Jack Welch and Google chairman Eric Schmidt, you probably have a house worth a few bucks, but $59 million? And on Nantucket where the previously high price recalled for a property was $28 million?

Yes, and the Great Gatsby reminds us, "The rich are different than you and I."

The Boston Globe reports today that Russell Dale Phelon's house and backyard (and view) are on the market for $59 million. Mr. Phelon, a wealthy Carolina manufacturer, died  two months ago of brain cancer.

The property listed with the Maury People has a main residence as well as a two-bedroom guest cottage, an octagon-shaped studio, a boathouse, several fenced-in pastures, and a two-bedroom gatehouse at the entrance.

He bought the joint for $7 million fifteen years ago. That's over an 8-fold increase in value, and during a period of recession in home sales on the Island.

Read the Globe story here.

We wonder what Rush Limbaugh will call her?

Jackie Kennedy got $3 million to marry Aristotle Onassis

In J.  Randy's Taraborrelli's second novel about the Kennedys he reveals that Jacqueline Kennedy received a $3 million financial payout when she married Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

After last month's Limbaugh attacks on Sandra Fluke who testified before a Congressional committee about  the need of working women and college women for contraceptive coverage in their group health plans, it boggles the mind to think what ole Rush may do to Jackie Kennedy Onassis getting paid to marry a rich Greek magnate.

In a startling interview on WCVB, little-known author Taraborrelli's new book "After Camelot" claims that our late US Sen. Edward Kennedy, Jackie's brother-in-law,  helped negotiate the marital offer. He and Jackie, Taraborrelli said, originally agreed to accept $1.5 million, but her business manager at the time disagreed and demanded more.

At one point in the book the author reports Onassis saying about his future wife, "Shes got a carnal soul."

Read the WCVB interview here.

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