Yarmouth police arrest Hyannis man on four outstanding warrants

Suspect gives officer a false name after being pulled over

YARMOUTH - A Hyannis man was arrested Saturday afternoon on four outstanding warrants.  In addition to the existing charges, he racked up three more after providing an officer with a false name.  Patrol Officer Louis Nickinello pulled over 23-year-old Joshua James Hines (on right) of 260 Oak Neck Road in Hyannis after Hines reportedly ran a stop sign Saturday afternoon.

According to police, Hines lied to Officer Nickinello about his identity. Once his true identity was established, Hines was arrested on four outstanding warrants. In addition to those charges, he was arraigned on three new charges in Barnstable District Court Monday: failing to stop at a stop sign, providing a police officer with a false identity and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license (subsequent offense).

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