Cousins? Obama and Pitt, Hillary and Angelina?

Pitt and the President--linked by a Cape Cod relative
Brad Pitt and President Barack Obama.
Barack is a cousin of Brad through a Cape Cod relative of both men.

You have to marvel at ancestor researchers ability today to track the distant relatives of anyone.

The Daily-Mail reports that researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society found some remarkable family connections for Barack Obama and Brad Pitt as well as between Hillary Clinton and Pitt's partner Angelina Jolie.

Even stranger bedfellows

And talk about opposites attracting, the president is also related to former Vice President Dick Chaney.

When asked, an Obama spokesman said, "Every family has a black sheep."

Stranger since, Brad Pitt's partner Angelina Jolie is also a distant cousin to Hillary Clinton.

Barack is also related to six former U.S. Presidents including President George W. Bush, his father George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and James Madison.

Read the Daily-Mail story here.

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