Doug Bennett to run for US Senate

Ron Paul supporter runs for US Senate--again.
Coming back to a rotary near you. Bennett declares for the US Senate.

Doug Bennett aims higher

He's heading back to a rotary near you with his big sign

The irrepressible former Nantucket Selectman declares for the GOP Senate nomination, but he asks for your support... and money

You remember Doug Bennett, the guy lugging that huge sign at the Hyannis rotary in 2006 when he ran for the Cape & Island Senate seat but lost the GOP nomination to Rick Barros.

In 2006 the then incumbent Rob O'Leary won that election, but Doug is aiming higher this time, the Republican nomination to run for former Senator John Kerry's seat.

With Scott Brown out of the race for the US Senate, Bennett declared his candidacy to run in the GOP primary in April - if he can get 10,000 signatures and raise a enough money.

His campaign site (now defunct) promises if he is elected to:

  • End the Wars
  • Audit the Federal Reserve
  • Protect our Civil Liberties

In 2006 Bennett moved to Boston after leaving Nantucket where he was a Selectman, and got married and involved in Boston politics where he has run in the past two elections for City Council.

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Here's Bennett complete statement:

Friends of Liberty,

I write you today to let you know that I, Douglas Bennett, will campaign on three platform planks to be the next United States Senator from Massachusetts.

I am a 37 year old father from Dorchester and I am a former County Commissioner and Selectman.

I believe that Americans and the people of Massachusetts need a strong voice who will go down to Washington DC and fight to End the Perpetual Wars that plague our nation and prevent us from achieving full productivity. We need Peace on Earth and most importantly we need Peace and Prosperity here in our United States of America. Our soldiers are coming home with physical injuries, and psychological issues. Victory? When? At what cost?

Much of the economic collapse experienced by our nation over the past decade has been the result of debt accumulation from the nation building abroad and the perpetual wars we have been fighting whether it’s been in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and who knows tomorrow it may be Syria, Algeria, or Mali.

Our Government has spent $1.3 Trillion of our tax dollars in executing our military affairs trading the blood of OUR generation for treasure and oil. Without Congressional Approval! This staggering amount of money spent on Wars in addition to the $1.4 Trillion of tax dollars that we spend to pay down the compounding interest on our $16.4 Trillion in national debt is crippling our national economy.

And if we do not bring down our debt and spend within our means, the United States of America will face the same fate that our predecessors that fallen Empires like Rome succumbed to. Even Ross Perot has publicly stated that if the United States of America does not fix our national debt, the dollar will collapse and America will become prey to possible foreign invasion one day in the future. The money we spend on War needs to instead be invested domestically in the United States. Instead, our failed economic policy has been for a nontransparent Federal Reserve that continues to print more money and keep interest rates artificially low. Often the Fed Reserve loans to foreign banks! We must Audit the Federal Reserve and investigate the sources and uses of their funds.

Finally, every single day our constitutional rights are eroded as our national government becomes more like a nanny state, with legislation like the Patriot Act that allows our Government, without a warrant, to conduct surveillance over our personal lives in our homes or even threaten our internet privacy. Whether it is the 2nd Amendment or the 6th Amendment, We need a United States Senator who will fight to protect our Civil Liberties through strict constructionist interpretation as the Founding Fathers intended.

These three issues I will fight for as your United States Senator. We must End our Wars and Seek out Peace. We must Audit the Federal Reserve to ensure sound and transparent monetary policy. And we must Protect our Civil Liberties. As your United States Senator, I will do so.

This leads me to my final point, to win a Senatorial Campaign requires a large team effort. To effectively run for United States Senator, I NEED YOUR HELP. If we are to triumph, and stop the erosion of Liberty, I need the help of everyone! This special election represents a unique opportunity for the Liberty movement to bring to the forefront, via a large media coverage, the Constitution, Perpetual War, The Federal Reserve, and the loss of Civil Liberties.

I need help collecting the 10,000 signatures required to be placed on the April 30th 2013 Republican Primary Ballot. So right away we must begin collecting signatures.


If we do not meet this threshold, we will not appear on the ballot, and we lose this opportunity to voice our displeasure with the loss of our Liberties.

I also need your help raising the money necessary for us to win this election so we can send out direct mail to voters and deliver our message of Peace and Prosperity.

I will also need you to go on the Internet, blogs, and facebook and engage other Liberty folks and enlist their help.

And on Election Day, I will also need your help turning out our vote.

If you want the same world I want, one in which we are not at war and instead in a state of peace and prosperity, then please help elect me, Douglas Bennett to the Senate! To get involved you can go to my website at (now defunct) or call me at 617-963-4213. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on