We're better than Beirut

Cape Cod ranked as 9th unluckiest travel destination in the world
Hyannis is listed ahead of Beirut by the UK's Metro.
Hyannis is listed ahead of Beirut by the UK's Metro.

Blame it on the Kennedys

Along with Bangladesh, which is declared one of the world’s most disaster-prone nations, Melton Mobray which has Britain's highest rate of accidental death and Tutankhamun's Tomb, where within one year of being discovered seven members of the first visiting party had died of unexplained causes, Cape Cod is listed as one of the world's unluckiest places.

A London newspaper blames it on the Kennedy Curse.

This according to the Metro's Travel Section today.

Here's how it describes Hyannis and credits the info as being from our regional chamber of commerce:

"Assassinations, plane crashes, drug overdoses, skiing fatalities and suicide: America’s royal family, the Kennedys, have been through a lot. Ruminate on the Kennedy Curse by visiting Hyannis, Cape Cod – home to the dynasty’s HQ. The Kennedy Compound is a sprawling coastal estate best viewed from a harbor cruise. However, for exploring the 45,500-acre Cape Cod Seashore (beaches, whale-watching and lobster-scoffing galore), chipper Provincetown makes a better base.

At least we outrank poor Beirut. where its bomb-out buildings are a constant memento of its battle-torn past, and Charleroi the Belgian hellhole which is regularly voted the World’s Ugliest City.

Read the Metro travel story here

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