Prescott Wright's remains found in Maine

Barnstable man has been missing since before Christmas
Prescott Wright's remains have been identified by the Maine Coroner's Office.
Prescott Wright's remains have been identified by the Maine Medical Examiner's office

Officials confirmed that the remains found last month in Maine were those of Prescott Wright, 23, of Barnstable.

The Maine Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that human remains found on Vaughn’s Island in February were Prescott Wright of Barnstable and Zachary Wells of Burlington, VT.

Wright was last seen at a party in Kennebunkport a few days before Christmas.

Both men were students at The Landing School in Arundel, where they were learning boat building and yacht design.

The disappearance of the two friends baffled authorities, who searched by air, water and in wooded areas for the men, who seemed to have disappeared without a trace until clothing “marked in such a way as to indicate ownership to one of the missing men" was found shortly after they went missing.

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