Sequester's impact on Cape Cod pets

Need more volunteers and a larger foster care network
The MSPCA shelter in Centerville is only one with new problems due to the sequester budget cuts.

Centerville MSPCA shelter to feel sequester impact

Shelters say they need help despite their $44M incomes

The MSPCA in Centerville and the other off-Cape locations are just a few of the businesses looking for ways to offset impacts from the sequester.

They are seeking more volunteers and expanding their foster care network to make up for the projected cuts.

NECN reports that the Cape Cod shelter is bracing for a jump in the number of animals surrendered as a result of the fallout caused by the budget sequester funding cuts coming soon from Washington..

Carter Luke, president of the MSPCA-Angell shelters in Centerville, Methuen and Boston says, "jobs and housing really impact on animals and their homes and people as well. So, it's time to be prepared for that."

Volunteer Liz Flynn adds, "We see all kinds of animals that come in here, mainly cats and dogs but we'll get birds, hamsters, rabbits. One time we got a snake that was brought in."

A cautionary note

The MSPCA's 2011 IRS form 990 states that the group had an income of $44,125,087, and President Carter Luke was paid $314,124.

Read the NECN story and watch the video here.

Visit the Centerville MSCPA website here.

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