UPDATE: Cape Cod Times features graphic blunder on page A-5, Newspaper, Macy apologizes to readers

Pressure cooker bomb how-to runs on same page as Macy's ad for a special one day sale on pressure cookers - Newspaper apologizes for blunder.
The pressure cooker bomb graphic is on the top of Page A-5 in today's Cape Cod Times and the ad to buy one in below in the Macy's ad on the same page.

Newspaper publishes an "Apology to Readers"

Without doubt done inadvertently, page A-5 of the Thursday, April 18, 2013 Cape Cod Times contains a rather unforgivable blunder.

Reader Gene Curry alerted CapeCodToday to that page in today's paper which features both a diagram of a pressure cooker bomb and a sale on pressure cookers at Macy's.

Authorities have made it known to the media and the public that the horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon this past Monday were carried out with pressure cookers filled with ball bearings, nails and explosives.

Ads mirroring news stories are an inevitability on the web, where sites using third-party advertising can pull in a certain ad based on keywords and content, even if that ad may be deemed inappropriate to run side by side with a given story.

But print is different. Advertising a one day sale on luggage, brassieres and coffee makers is one thing. But advertising a $19.99 pressure cooker on the same page as a graphic depicting how a pressure cooker bomb works is quite another.

And then there is the matter of offering such a graphic in the first place. Deadline Detroit featured a story about the Detroit Free Press removing a "building a bomb" graphic from their Facebook page after the angry reaction of readers. The graphic, according to Deadline Detroit, also appeared in the paper's print edition.

Cape Cod Times apologizes

By this afternoon the Times' Editor Paul Pronovost published an apology to their readers for the blunder:

To Cape Cod Times readers: An apology


There was an unfortunate juxtaposition on Page A5 of Thursday's Cape Cod Times: The news content was related to the Boston Marathon bombing, including a graphic detailing a pressure-cooker bomb, while an advertisement by Macy's included a pressure cooker as a sale item.
The placement was unintentional and we apologize for appearing insensitive in light of this terrible event.

- Paul Pronovost, editor.

See the Cape Cod Times apology here.

A Macy’s spokesperson has provided this statement:

“We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by our ad in today’s newspaper, it was truly unintentional. As part of our regularly scheduled promotion for the One Day Sale, an image of a pressure cooker was featured along with approximately 20 additional items for the home. Due to the lead time to place national advertising, we were unable to pull the image and apologize for any insensitivity in light of recent events. All possible efforts are being taken to remove the item from future ads.”

Read the report in the New York Observer here.

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