Sandwich police bust up underage New Year's Eve drinking party

Parent reportedly hosted party for teens

FORESTDALE - Sandwich police officers broke up an underage drinking party on New Year's Eve scattering teens just an hour before midnight. According to a release from Sandwich police, the parent of a Sandwich teen learned about the party at 9 Windsong Road in Forestdale and reported it to police.

Several young people reportedly ran from the property when officers arrived at the home. The officers entered the home and spoke with the 52-year-old homeowner, who allegedly hosted the party for his two teens and their friends.

Party goers reportedly ranged in age from 15 to 19, police said. In all, officers requested 34 criminal applications for minor in possession of alcohol. One 17-year-old girl was transported to the hospital with what was believed to be alcohol poisoning, police said.

The homeowner will be charged with procuring alcohol for minors and keeper of a disorderly house. The owners of the home are listed as Brian and Christine Cunning.

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