Wild Care: Baby Squirrels Safely Back With Mom

Video of mom taking her babies to her new nest
Mother squirrel taking one of her babies to new nest. Wild Care photo.

Editor's Note:  This piece is is not about the litter of new-born squirrels Wild Care is fostering.  This was a new displacement after a nest was destroyed.  Wild Care's compassionate people returned the babies to a place where their mother could retreive them.

From Amy at Wild Care Cape Cod

I have been lucky enough to see this today so I want to share it! We had three baby squirrels (days old) brought to us today after the nest was accidently destroyed. The woman who found them, had them to us at Wildcare within a half hour! Knowing that the adult squirrel will continue to look for the young for sometime we got them back to the site as quick as possible!

The work was stopped and everyone took the dogs and disappeared so I could continue to try to to provide a quiet place for the mother squirrel to come back to. The home owners were very caring even though this was inconvenient. Thank goodness for the new inverters that we received. I was able to keep the heat pad under the babies for quite some time while the mother explored the situation. Finally she was brave enough to come back and take one baby at a time. Here is a a very short bit of video of her carrying the third baby out of the old site to her new safe place! Thank you Leah Myrbeck for covering at Wild Care while I went on this adventure and to Heather the woman that found them for bringing me lunch while I waited for mother to return! So sweet! 

Returning young to their mothers is great for several reasons. One, because it is the best care they can possibly receive and two, getting them back with her mother also allows us more time to care for other animals that don't have the opportunity to get back to the natural environment. 

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