Letter: Lessons from 13 Hours at a Polling Station

from Joe Glynn

So what lessons can be learned spending after 13 hours at a polling station in Yarmouth to lose an election?

Democracy is extra beautiful in Yarmouth on a nice day- Win, lose or draw.

1) Well,  there are some darn nice people who are thankful that we can have a nice day to vote.  (Some extra nice people who are willing to spend the day inside working the polls)!

Political Science Realities

2) It is what it is- ! You can call it school special interest, Democrat Machine Politics, Crony Capitalism, or  Voter Apathy. (Still nearly 90% of voting population did not vote, and that is Tens of thousands of voting age adults , like 15k plus voters and a lot more who don't vote at all) Could be all of these things or none of the above, but the powers that be and machines exist.  Those are political realities.

The political science of incumbents, gender voting, ballot position and ticket voting are facts!  No one knows to what extent or percentage they play but they play apart.  Still no lessons learned?

The loan exception is to learn harsh realities or if you are on the winning side realities of exciting your teams strength.  If you play to your base and get them out and the political realities  are such that don't add up to big percentages against you have a good shot. If an override cant get your people to polls and you need that issue you are in trouble.  The masses can be asses but if they are on your side you like 'em!

3)  However, it is true in reverse.  If you can't get out your base, you can not excite the masses, you have no machine or $, to do robo calls, work polls, buy media ads,  or you don't have many outlets to fairly get out or exite your base, it is an uphill battle.  If you can't or won't spend a lot of your own money on basically volunteer positions because it is intrinsically an uphill fight, on such things as literature drops, and expensive mass mailing, then your potential is reduced significantly.  If you have spoken your mind to town operatives, insiders, semi political organizations, numerous news entities, and parties that benefit from the status quo your hill, becomes a mountain! Throw in cops and insider business interest, you are looking at Everest!  Low voter turnout makes it Everest Naked and Afraid!


Ain't no Mountain high enough?


 4) Now why do you climb a mountain?  It is the challenge about the truths you know. That grim realities of any mountain can tell you a lot about yourself and who is with you.  You have to trust in your equipment and in your team but if either are faulty, it is deadly!  If you take that leap and yell  '' on belay" and no one is listening, you can do everything right, but you are going down.

If you need water and you left it at base camp you are going to be thirsty.

      Unfortunately, voters and operatives are fickle. They are not consistent and especially around here.  They challenge those realities and it fractures the team. Nothing worse than thinking you have a local mountain guide and realizing he doubles as the local mortician.  Some of us climb the mountain alone .  It is part of the attractiveness of the challenge.  It is what fires one up, the juice, adrenalin, the runners high.  I was thinking yesterday on all these elections for me or others I stay at polls for hours and sometimes not a bathroom break rarely a lunch break, and often not a coffee or water weather dependent .  Usually, just me trying to squeeze a single vote in a brief engagement .


 Rice vs bean bags


    5) Grantland Rice said: "When the one great player comes to mark against your name , he marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game ".  In politics sometimes it is that respectful, and sometimes it is "Show me a good loser and I will show you a loser".  I will leave it up to my opponents friend and foe alike to decide.  I will say that I spoke at length to all my opponents, had varying interactions with media, spoke to a ton of citizens, and mended fences with some(not all) of my opponents, (Not just those opponents running all kinds of personal and political battle foes).

       I can honestly say I am more upset with those who I considered my team than theirs.  I stood and talked to Mark Forest for hours, probably the longest conversation of anybody with Phil Morris as he was off Cape at a meeting with school building Commitee (I spelled wrong and did not use autocorrect -really).

      I spoke from the beginning of the day to the end with the rest:

Michelle Connover, Andrea St Germaine, and Jane Hibbert .

     Heck folks, I know better than most  "politics ain't no bean bags" but these are volunteer positions, essentially.  The fact that things get so heated and people are so passionate, is not a bad thing.  If people didn't get their feelings hurt and didn't want to win, you would have no one to do the jobs.  The best compliment from a stranger I got, yesterday, was a voter who said: "Joe you care and  it shows"!  That is worth a million to me.


Stopping at 5 Lessons is enough in any educational forte or political foray.


    I can give you ten, a hundred, a million or a DY budget full of reasons , excuses, lies and a equal number of lessons .  Life is an experiment !

American Democracy is an experiment!  All experiments are trial and error.


Birds of a feather or I'll fly away


   We are a special breed here in New England just ask us!  Joe Glynn is a rare bird, just ask anyone!  As Chuck Carey and I contemplated at Kings Way yesterday. (Picture Joe Glynn discussing bird migrations to a real estate guy) some birds fly away some do not, under the Linden tree (Did not know what that was until  I was standing under the shade tree, and  a voter informed me or that it will smell sweet in a few weeks).  We wonder if anything smells so good a few weeks after any election.  We shall see!  I do not know if I will fly away or hack out another winter.


Don't go away mad , Goaway joe "Go JOE GO"!


      I do know that elections are always bittersweet for me. I always think about my Irish Immigrant cousin in Vietnam dying to vote as a US Citizen literally, and never getting the chance.

     When they said "Go Joe" , I didn't think they meant leave. lol  I think of all the people who voted for me (both of them -jk) who

said: Joe are you persistent or can't you take a hint?

  All of the above!


Live and Learn- Lessons! No MCAS required!


Good Luck to Yarmouth and DY!

I really hope it all works out!




Joe Glynn

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