Winter Weather Always Brings Car Crashes to the Cape

Avoiding a crash is a lot more convenient than having one...
The Arnold's sign during on of the March nor'easters made us yearn for summer (Eastham Police photo)

Cape Cod Struggles with Numerous Car Crashes Because of Weather Conditions

This winter on Cape Cod made the residents worry. The weather on the Cape is balanced, considering that citizens face four different seasons each year. Winter is the most troubling of the four seasons because it comes with sudden changes. The Massachusetts inland is usually colder, while heading to the coast temperatures are often above freezing during most of the winter. This year, winter took over Cape Cod and surprised everyone with its dramatic effects, especially when talking about traffic. Because of the bad weather conditions, Cape Cod was the scene of many car crashes between December and March. Below is a list of recent accidents and the final outcomes. Also, don’t forget to read the pieces of advice that Cape authorities gave to all citizens regarding traffic precautions.



A few days ago, a dump truck driver was part of a serious car crash in Mashpee. The driver suffered considerable injuries and was transported to the Falmouth Hospital. The vehicle ended up in a tree. The car accident took place around noon, leaving the vehicle with heavy front damage. The police assessed the scene and decided that the weather is partly responsible for the accident. The dump truck driver didn’t take the correct measurements to avoid the collision.


The Brewster Fire Department dealt with a major car crash when a car hit a tree at the intersection of Millstone and Cliff Pond. The accident involved a vehicle on fire and major injuries for the driver. The vehicle hit a tree and eventually burst into flames. Emergency services assisted the scene and helped the driver reach the Cape Cod Hospital. The Brewster Police Department believes that the accident was influenced by the foggy windows/headlights of the car. The accident is still under investigation.


A terrible car accident in Falmouth involved two injured people. The car crash happened between three different vehicles on the East Falmouth Highway. The injuries were severe and required immediate healthcare. The victims were transported to the nearest hospital (Falmouth Hospital) and the vehicles were further investigated by the Falmouth police. It seems like the abundant snow on the Route 28 was the main cause of the accident.


On the Route 6 (West Barnstable), two cars collided, and police were absolutely mesmerized that no one got hurt. The vehicles were entirely destroyed and the whole accident was caused by the half-foot snow. The car crash took place near the Sagamore Bridge. Police offered to transport the driver to the nearest hospital, but he refused medical care due to the lack of injuries. The vehicle was later removed from the location. The snow eventually caused flooding that produced many more accidents in the area.


The police and fire departments in Eastham received numerous 911 calls for car crashes around this location. On a radius of just a mile, three car accidents occurred. One of them included a single car and no life-threatening injuries. The second one included six different vehicles and a chain reaction crash with 9 victims. The victims suffered minor injuries but required immediate healthcare. They were offered transport to the nearest hospital, but they refused, while the accident remained under investigation for another two hours. Police found out that most drivers were students heading back to college, requiring the authorities to contact a parent of a guardian. The third crash included a vehicle that slid into a fence, no injuries or severe damage included.

Traffic precautions

After facing so many car crashes caused by unfavorable weather conditions, the authorities decided to give some pieces of advice to drivers who want to take off on these days. According to the Soofer Law Group, avoiding an accident is much more convenient than dealing with the consequences of one. Thus, they recommend the drivers to scan the road ahead at all times. In normal conditions, the visibility is convenient while in winter conditions it is two to ten times longer. Anticipate what’s next so that you can keep the vehicle under control on the next sector of the road. Most of the car crashes mentioned above happened while making a turn, so the authorities recommend drivers to brake to an appropriate speed before making a turn, release the breaks while steering and accelerate the moment when the turn is completed. The main causes of winter car accidents include skidding, poor vision and not driving with caution. This is the reason why each driver should check the car tires and clear any ice on the surface of the car. 

One of the accidents happening on Cape Cod happened because of window/headlight fogging. To avoid such situation, you should turn on the air conditioning & defroster system. Damp will be exhausted in a little bit and you can drive the car safely to the destination. Keep in mind that melting snow can add humidity to the air, meaning that you should avoid bringing slush in the car. Whenever you plan on traveling long distances with the car on snow conditions, you should carry with you the following items: a first-aid kit, booster cables, a flashlight, a heavy blanket, a set of warm clothing, drinking water and a compact snow shovel or an ice scraper. Use anti-freeze gas line before taking off, so your windscreen remains clean throughout the whole time.

Final thoughts

Considering the bad weather on Cape Cod, drivers should concentrate and be cautious whenever they go out. The weather forecast for the next several weeks seems to get better compared to the last few months. The sky continues to be mostly cloudy, while showers, wind, and sleet are still present. Until the weather stabilizes and the temperatures start to rise, all precautions should be taken into account. Whenever you have a problem, don’t hesitate to call 911 and local authorities will help you right away. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on