Letter: Broken Hearted People Living In the World Agree

from Joe Glynn, Yarmouth

Letter to the editor:

Subject: Broken hearted people living in the world agree! 


It did not seem that long ago that I was at the funeral for Officer Tommy Rose in my old neighborhood of Dorchester. I have been to a lot of wakes and funerals since .  So many that a good friend of mine said: " I am not going to anymore wakes or funerals".  I responded to him are you going to mine? (He is a few years older so I thought I would make him feel better at the prospect that I would be going first).  He said, without skipping a beat: "No sorry I am working that day"!  He said: " I might vote for you if I have the time." "I did last time"!  I said:"You're the guy"! 

 I have been to too many funerals of friends that were Police and Firefighters both before and after 9/11! Good kids turned adults that could not beat addiction.  Friends that spent their whole life helping others and lobbying to protect good people from occupational dangers in public safety and others who just plain do good! Watched Soldiers and heroes from all branches fight battle after battle and do good in their communities while raising great kids and grand kids, teaching them to do the right thing!  I lived on streets and played on the same little league field as a young hero. A boy of 8 who in one sentence and one smile did more good in his life than I have tried in my well lived and traveled life! 

     I have been Army Strong, Boston Strong, Dorchester Strong, Cape Strong and Yarmouth Strong!  I just witnessed again the positive strength in community and the enduring human spirit of hope over  tragedy. I have watched remarkable families like my old BFD Lt Bill Dewan who lost his brother and other FDNY friends, my friend Kathy Minehan, who husband Steve perished in a Boston Fire from that same neighborhood or my friend on the same Engine Co. group in that same 'hood,  Paul Cahill another fire LODD. 

We have gotten real good at the tributes, and ceremonies. Too good!  I watched a young man and his family that was an all American boy showing my kids how to be respectful and polite at BC tailgates, rally the world with  the ice bucket challenge Pete Frates and family! 

     Then time marches on! The causes continue,  and something else happens.  I go from quiet sadness to full speed activism while in between trying to figure out how to be a better person! "

 Is that what I am suppose to do?"  I support candidates, talk to my kids, family, friends and neighbors,  people of all political persuasions and too frequently run for office to be a catalyst for change! I don't tire because there are no more kids games to watch or even lessons to impart on my boys. I am just biding time for them to take care of me, hopefully? 

   So this week the verse that came out from different sources and times was from arguably the best song or non biblical verse in history! 

I pause to think can we get 100% of the people to come out and vote for one thing?  Just one thing! Can we get 80% to just come out, and write in Martin Richards, Sean Gannon, Nick Xiarhos, or any of the aforementioned , or simply write in "Peace"!  I will tell you if I lost an election with a high turnout to "No more hurting people", in a landslide I would have a victory party and never run again! 


"When broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be answer!"


Cape Cod Towns will have there elections many on the same day as Yarmouth May 15th, and absentee ballots are available! There will be people, budgets and issues that directly affect our life. 

   Send a message, no matter your age (adults take your kids/grand kids) ! Any message that includes the sentiment we have to make changes! 

  Don't let the parade pass by, the feeling subside, or your community down! Don't let heroes voices that stood up for you and allowed you to use your voice be silenced! 

Let it BE heard loud and clear! 

Let it BE Strong! "There will be Answer!" If we only.

"Let it BE"! 


Joe Glynn

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