10 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Custom Made Mattress

The memory foam mattress is unique...
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The memory foam mattress is unique and has quite a number of perks compared to other conventional mattresses on the market today. It comes with a number of benefits, some of which include relieving of pressure on your back. To improve your sleep comfort and quality, some people consider having their mattresses custom-made. Below are some reasons why you need to buy a custom made mattress:


1. Durability & Longevity

Memory foam mattress lifespan is another great advantage of this mattress. The lifespan of a foam mattress whose quality is good or medium can last for 7-10 years.


2. Motion Isolation

The memory foam mattress is conforming and cellular in nature, which enables it to absorb motion instead of transferring it. This has been supported by the classic demonstrations where one is able to jump on a foam mattress close to a glass of wine and it remains undisturbed. These mattresses are well suited for couples and light sleepers as they tend to isolate their motion under different circumstances.


3. Reduced Allergens

The memory foam mattress has a dense cellular structure that is naturally unconducive to microbes and hinders the accumulation of allergens such as dust, mold, and many others. The hypoallergenic foam mattress combined with low-VOC can result in a perfect mattress that is conducive to people who have a phobia with indoor allergens when there is proper care.


4. Alignment Support

This is also another huge advantage of memory foam mattresses. The mattress maintains a natural spine alignment as you sleep. A memory foam mattress enables the sleeper's body to find a neutral curvature as well as affirming lumbar support.


5. Pressure Point Relief

The foam mattress has the capacity to limit the pressure points. Memory foam compresses the weight rather than resisting it, corresponding to the sleeper and spreading the weight across the bed surface. In comparison to other mattresses, the foam can minimize the pressure by at least 50 %.


6. Temperature-Control Support

The body temperature is another factor that determines how well, sleep or not. The foam mattress is manufactured using a temperature sensitive element which facilitates the mattress to adjust your body weight and distribute heat across the body. This mattress becomes every time the temperature rises so as to give you a comfortable sleep.


7. Less sagging

Most people are tired of the saggy spring based beds and mattresses they sleep on. The good thing about the memory foam mattress is that it does not sag, thereby ensuring you are correctly positioned all the times. This guarantees you a good night’s sleep and ensures that you will not have problems when waking up. Some of these include waking up tired, back pains, neck pains, and other bodily aches.


8. Easy Maintenance

This mattress requires little maintenance. Only simple cleaning and vacuuming are required. Also, maintenance isn't done regularly since the mattress doesn't get dirty easily.


9. Reduced Pain

It ensures that you will not experience pain or feel distressed when getting up after a long night. This is due to its ability to spread your weight in such a way that you will not experience any excessive pressure on a particular body part.


10. Sleeping Position

Under normal circumstances, it's usually difficult to sleep comfortably on a mattress as per your sleeping style. The foam mattress is composed to suit your sleeping style thereby ensuring you are able to sleep in your comfortable and also in any position you like.


From the above, you can clearly tell how comfortable the foam mattress is along with the other benefits it comes with. It is especially suited to people with back problems as well as couples. It is also very important in preventing allergens to people who are allergic.


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