Senator Julian Cyr Reflects as Pilgrim Nuke Shuts Down

"Corroding plant" ceased operation at 5:28 p.m. Friday...
Cape & Islands State Senator Julian Cyr (State Senate video)

From State Senator Julian Cyr (verbatim):

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has — at long last — ceased it’s active operations and electricity generation effective at 5:28pm today, May 31st.

This corroding nuclear facility has posed a risk to our geographically isolated communities for decades. The plant also provided good jobs for hundreds of workers in the region.

Thank you to the activist watchdogs and the plant workers. However public safety + environmental risks are not gone yet.

Pilgrim’s spent fuel pool needs to be emptied, all fuel rods placed into dry cask storage, and ultimately removed from the site.

Thankfully the Massachusetts State Senate voted last week in FY20 budget to ensure the owner of any nuclear power plant must continue to pay for state public safety and environmental protection oversight thru decommissioning.

We need to make that law ASAP.

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