5 Underdog Teams Which Are Poised To Win The 2020 NFL

A look at the underdogs...

They say wagering for Super Bowl is harder compared to other sports betting. It is because there’s always fierce competition between each competing team, and typically their odds never get far from each other more.

Speaking of NFL games, the Super Bowl 54 is set to kick off on Sunday, February 2, 2020. It will take place in Miami, Florida, where winners of different conferences will meet and compete for this season’s Super Bowl title.

The wagering games are now set for all bettors to gamble and play, as well. A lot of punters are now pretty excited about choosing the team they’re going to bet. Many believed that the favorites had good value to bet. Conversely, most experts bettors go the other way around and gamble for less favored.

To help you decide your 2020 NFL betting games, here are some football underdogs along with their Super Bowl point spreads that might give you higher profits when you bet for them.

Kansas City Chiefs

Finishing the AFC West Division of twelve wins and four losses, the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the underdogs that you can bet on for the 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54. They currently hold an odds of +750. If you bet for them and they make it through, you might just earn double amount depending on how much you initially gamble.

One of the strengths of the Chiefs is their defensive power. They can make a stretch to prevent their rivals in making a goal whenever needed. However, their downside is on the offensive side, especially if they face a team that consists of very aggressive players.

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raider has successfully made its entry to the NFL playoffs. They previously competed in the AFC West Division, finishing a record of four wins and twelve losses. However, they have the lowest point spread at the moment. Many fans are considering them as an underdog by the time they head on to the NFL finals. Their odds value is currently at +100000.

On the other hand, some bettors believed that the Oakland Raiders could give a considerable amount of value in return if you bet for them. The sports community believed that they only need to focus once they play in the NFL finals. They have both strong defense and offense skills, they just need to polish it to win.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans ended their AFC South Division with a record of nine wins and seven losses. They successfully entered the NFL finals. Unfortunately, they seem less popular compared to other AFC winners. Tennessee Titans currently hold an odds value of +7500.

However, the same with other underdog teams listed above, the sports community believed that this team could even do better in the upcoming Super Bowl 54. They just have to work out their game plan and eventually cope up with the other top teams.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns have earned an entry to the NFL finals next year, too, but they need to hustle as they are also part of the underdog list. They fell two places behind in the AFC North Division, leaving a record of seven wins and eight losses. In the current ranking, their odds are likewise +100000 as the Raiders.

Although they got the said value for the points spread, you can still consider betting for them. They might be able to triple the value of the amount you bet if they won. This team has a very good offense position, and if they consistently apply these skills in the finals, they might bring home the bacon.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers is one step ahead of the Cleveland Browns, but still a part of the underdog list. They left AFC North Division with a record of nine wins and six losses. Their current odds value is +7500, the same with Titans. Still, they are a good bet to make in the Super Bowl 54.

Also, their records don’t get too far from the AFC North winner, which is the Baltimore Ravens. Meaning, there are still high hopes of clinching the 2020 NFL championship title. Their offense skills will help them win their game if they effectively apply it more during the finals.



Wagering the 2020 NFL games is exciting since the prizes at stake are huge. The favorite teams already had the best odds to bet, but the underdogs don’t want to get left behind too. In most cases, these underdogs offer the best profits when you bet for them and eventually win the game. Hence, wagering for the underdogs listed above for the 2020 NFL finals might just get you lucky.

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