Letter - Joe Glynn Responds to Reaction to Beaty Tweets and Polls

from Joe Glynn of Yarmouth

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Statement from Joe Glynn, candidate for Barnstable County Commissioner (published verbatim):

Commissioner Joe Glynn, Vice Chairman of the Yarmouth Housing Authority responds to the reaction of more Beaty sensationalism!  “Happy New Year”!  “Sometime ago I announced my candidacy for County Commissioner on the heals of sensationalized comments by Ron Beaty”, Glynn said after posting pictures to social media of his former Engine County 20 apparatus (with a picture taken of him with his “20” Fire Helmet Saluting Sgt Gannon’s processions as it drove through his neighborhood near Cape Cod Hospital).  Glynn followed his wish for everyone in public safety who are working this Holiday, to get home safe themselves, in posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  Glynn early in the New Year called on all those of good faith to make 2020 “ This is going to be the best year yet!” and encouraged with hope that “all of those who really care about making things better for all, get their wish! @TRWhelan @tracypost @WillCrockerJr @MassGovernor @KarynPolito @JulianCyr @realDonaldTrump @skpeake @VinnydeMacedo @ChiefJoeFinn @marty_walsh @IAFFGST USA”  This bi-partisan plea for community leaders local and national to solve problems was met by tweets of  more controversy as predicted in my original announcement, said Glynn.  “Here I am asking old firefighting brethren and public to be safe and wishing old bosses, political leadership at every level and persuasion as well as, old and new friends well in their endeavors to make this best year ever for all, and boom negative publicity right here at home”!  

     “Look I predicted this ongoing sensationalism and 15 minutes of fame and I stated that phony polls will be injected into the body public by an individual who has a psychological need and social pathology to continue and non productive banter under the guise of some non existent audience or phony poll participants.”  The media with its own selfish interest for sensationalist click bait creates an audience where none exist!”  

Although I agree with Reprentative Tim Whalen’s  statements in regard to his service during wartime juxtaposed to anti-social behavior and vulgar history of my opponent for County Commissioner, I choose not to dignify the behaviors by making comparison, as a 101st Airborne Gulf War Veteran or 2nd Infantry Soldier in Korea, to someone who at and since,  that time has not distinguished themselves as a productive citizen or elected official but as someone who makes threats, conflates phony polls, embellishes friendships, and walks back comments with passive aggressive neutrality” “Ask yourself what action by the Commissioner or the County Commissioners, ordinance or public statement do you agree with or think resulted in a positive outcome.  This Commissioner has none his entire tenure!” “ This notion that these controversies are dialogue we have to have is hogwash!, Glynn chided.   “Everybody knows he is taking a side in all these phony polls, that two or three people participate at best, but in addition he is disingenuous, again at best,  to those who may take those same positions”!  “Take a stand and stand there”! Glynn implored.

     “Don’t create controversy, that has nothing to do with your position as county commissioner by the way, then back track and say “I am getting along with Julian Cyr, and that you are friends with such and such, who are not your friends”! The entire delegation demanded you resign including Republicans and Julian as well as the delegation thought a direct attack, on them. “  “Leo Cakunas famously denied being his friend, and in my opinion probably lost because he couldn’t wash off himself this phony claim of mutual admiration and friendship”, Glynn pointed out.

     “When the entire delegation including prominent and well respected members of your party not only have as

“The media needs to focus on real county issues and the candidate who has asked for and will deliver county change.  Although both far left and right candidates have a right to address issues that have nothing to do with the county and even proclaim the dialogue is of interest, it serves no purpose in determining the qualifications of two positions for County Commissioners, Glynn notes.”  “I can, have, and will, take a stand and stand there!”  “I can stand up to officials and disagree without being disagreeable and losing all prospects for change”. “I can say who my friends are and they will agree and not distance themselves”. “I can mention those who are philosophical different and then ask them to usher a change to county charter”! Glynn continued. “ I will submit to our state delegation friend and foe alike, my proposal to change the structure of county government and it will be welcomed with respect because it is well thoughtout, factual, respectful, and to the benefit of the entire Cape Cod Community and to all constituents of Barnstable County.” “It is long overdue and will include a recall provision, that citizens and elected officials of all persuasions have asked for and is long overdue.”   

“What we all can agree on, even the self appointed social media phony pollster, is there will be an election in this New Year! “The people will finally have a say and I am confident the message will be stop the nonsense and dysfunction”! 

    My resolution in this New Year will be to present a resolution that will help Cape Codders understand and keep accountable County Government. I will ignore noise and phony polls and talk plainly and positively about how Commissioner Joe Glynn will change county government for the better, for a brighter future in 2020 not selfishly bring attention to negative non county government issues.  

     I hope the media ignores such nonsense and equally reports the positions and ideas of the candidates not just the tweets of incumbents Republican or longtime Democrat with benefit of office press releases. Whether it be the entrenched 16 year status quo or the one term dumpster fire the county is not well served by the current antics, structure and dynamics and hopefully the attention to the county race will be a positive that will benefit all of Cape Cod and its citizens who are fed up with the nonsense and will be engaged enough to focus on the County Commissioners race over all others or at least equal to races that they will have little effect upon. 

Finally Glynn said, “We here on the Cape have unique circumstances and insulation that binds us together that is like no other.” “We have a unique county dynamic and can have a structure that is true to the county charter that goes back many New Years past. “The charter explicitly requires that the county government ‘encourages participation’ as a main focus of the charter mission statement.”  “Commissioner Joe Glynn resolves this First Day of the year 2020 to  be a catalyst to this end and engage all leaders of good faith to endeavor to the same goal.” 

Happy New Year! 

Joe Glynn

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