Does Your Degree Still Matter to Feel Wealthy?

Do you need a degree and what for?

‘Come on! A degree is just a waste of time and money!` - that’s what you can read on various online resources nowadays.

Perhaps, that does make sense, but then the question is, why millions of teens all over the world annually decide to become students? 

Why do parents keep telling us that we are free to do whatever we like, BUT we should keep in mind that without a degree it will be hard to build up a career and achieve at least something?

Why both freshmen and graduated keep asking themselves: ‘Do I need a degree to be successful?’

All of the questions listed above are quite controversial. According to various resources, up to 50-60 percent of graduates do not practice their profession. So there is much to think about if we want to find whether there is any correlation between degree and wealth/success.

This article will be useful for those who are still questioning ‘do you need a degree and what for?’

I’ll try to provide you with both advantages and disadvantages, bring as many examples as possible, and keep a room for discourse.

So, Does Your Degree Still Matter To Feel Wealthy?

There may be blue and better blue

You agree that Harvard or MIT graduates are more in demand than any other graduates? In this world, there are plenty of examples, even sort of samples, when the university doesn’t provide you anything except empty wallet and life disappointments. So yes, often a university degree doesn't make any profit and does not put a step closer to your wealthy future.   

It’s no degree what matters, but the knowledge

In the time of globalization and advanced technologies, we have access to unlimited knowledge. Have you ever used an online-learning service?

True, a degree plays a vital role in our career path, but at the same time, it doesn`t. There are thousands of resources we can use to learn, to teach ourselves, to elevate, and still - have no diploma. Why don`t you like the certificate?

      University routine develops your soft skills and assignments – workplace skills

We have to admit that whereas you have a degree or not, without communication skills, you have fewer chances to get a job. And without stress and time management, you will hardly get promoted. That is actually what university education can give you: the ability to solve problems, like writing your essay on time or presenting as many sample stories as possible to gain an extra point; learn how to free your mind from stress or how to solve conflict situations, etc.

All in all, you can always find out free education essay stories online about the ways having a degree can make you a more responsible person while developing your workplace skills.

      Fields where degree is a necessity

You can learn how to write professional texts, you can learn a new language or how to cook the best pasta ever – these things you can discover on your own. But you cannot use the same technique with surgery, aeronautics, or bioscience. Here you need theoretical and practical university background.

      No work experience

The degree can be also a safety-vest for those who have no working experience. In addition to nice references and developed soft skills, you can get a job. But on another hand, how many start-up entrepreneurs, moved only by faith, hours of online researches, and perseverance, managed to build up a career and became famous and rich people?

      The degree can free you from impostor syndrome

Have you ever had that feeling deep down like you are a complete fraud and all your accomplishments are the result of serendipitous luck? - That's what impostor syndrome is.

There is an opinion that a degree can prevent this syndrome. But, I would hazard a guess that having some knowledge won’t be an extra.


To sum up, there is no direct connection between the degree and your future wealth. I think there is just one rule to learn: is it just an essay assignment or a million $ investment project – be fair to yourself, keep your head clean, and do the best you can.

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