Which Mattress is Good for Health?

What gives you the best rest...

Sleep is of course extremely important to our health. Sleep rests the body, it gives us energy for the next day, it gives us some peace of mind from the hustle and bustle of the world, and much more. The initial task of any mattress is to provide comfortable sleeping conditions. During rest, a person should feel comfortable. The surface of the orthopedic mattress responds to compression locally. It is pressed only at the place of pressure, and the force of the springs to restore their original shape is equal to the force of the loads affecting them.

The purpose of orthopedic products is not limited to creating a comfort zone with a pillow top mattress queen. They should fix the musculoskeletal system in a natural position contributing to its relaxation, straightening while maintaining physiological bends. The back should be completely relaxed.


The Right Approach to Choosing

Some people are mistaken believing that the stiffer the mattress, the more useful it is for the spine and back as a whole. At that time, a very hard mattress is usually actively opposed to a soft one with pressed springs, creating the so-called hammock effect. In fact, both the first and second options are harmful to the health and condition of the spine in particular, since they exclude the possibility of rest in a natural body position.

Let us turn to physiology. The spine is not a straight line, like a string, it has more like a wavy shape. Accordingly, sleeping on a very hard surface will result in the maximum load on the shoulders and hips — they simply will not be able to plunge into the soft layers of the mattress. At the same time, the space around the lumbar spine will remain empty, so it will not get the necessary support. The too hard surface can disrupt the circulatory system due to excessive compression of individual vessels, which causes problems with blood circulation. This can cause limbs numbness, sagging muscles, a general state of fatigue after sleep.


How to Determine the Optimal Stiffness of the Mattress

For teens and young people under 25 years old. The formation of the spine lasts a quarter-century; therefore, it is undesirable to use soft mattresses for sleeping. Medium and high models (if there are problems with excess weight) will be relevant.

For people from 25 to 50 years old. During this period of life, you can choose a mattress of any rigidity, depending on personal preferences and weight category:

  • Up to 55 kg — soft models without coconut coir or with a thick layer on top of it.
  • From 55 to 90 kg — mattresses of medium hardness. In this case, pay attention to the maximum permissible load for the selected model. If it is above 140 kg, the product will be too dense and uncomfortable for sleep.
  • Over 90 kg — mattresses with the maximum rigidity parameter. Here, models with a reinforced spring block or with a double layer of coconut coir will work well.

For people with musculoskeletal problems. If a person has spine diseases, it is necessary to consult with the doctor. In each case, the selection of the mattress should be carried out individually. But there are general recommendations, such as:

  • soft mattresses are most relevant if you have any lumbar disease;
  • hard models are recommended for people with osteochondrosis and posture problems.

It is impossible to have improper sleep on a properly selected jonsguide mattress. The internal organs take the correct position, which is important for blood flow and the flow of other physiological fluids. This is one of the few acceptable options for people with reduced mobility.

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