5 Vital Laundry Tips To Know For Anyone Moving Out of Home

The washing machine might be a mystery to some young people...

Whether it’s landing a dream job or attending college, there will undoubtedly come a moment when a young person leaves home for the first time. All those little tasks like cooking, cleaning, and of course paying those annoying bills, are often taken for granted when living at home. But when you move out? It’s time to learn how the world works and become an adult! One task, in particular, is known for completely baffling young people and has probably resulted in a lot of ruined clothing over the years: the laundry.

While the washing machine might be a mystery to some people, it’s actually quite simple to use and after reading these tips, you’re bound to be doing your laundry with ease in no time.

Don’t just throw everything into the washing machine

Sorting your laundry into different piles is incredibly important before washing! If done incorrectly, some clothing can shrink, turn a different color, or not be cleaned thoroughly. White clothing is best washed separately from dark and colored clothing. This is because your favorite red t-shirt could bleed a little bit in the wash and turn your white-buttoned shirt into a nice shade of pink!

Similarly, special items made from wool or silk shouldn’t be mixed together with cotton clothing. Delicate textiles need to be washed on a gentler, colder wash and could be unwearable if washed on a normal setting like your shirts, underwear, and jeans. Towels and bedding should be washed separately as well, as they need to be on a high heat setting to help clean away all the dirt and germs that can build up. Multiple washes might be time-consuming, but it sure beats having to buy new items because things went awry with the laundry.

Try time-saving options

If you have zero idea of where to pour liquid detergent, or how much laundry powder to use, then it might be better to use pods. These little inventions mean that you can place one into the washing machine drum, then throw your clothes on top and begin the wash cycle. Sometimes called Discs instead of caps or pods, any young person can rejoice and name themselves a real laundry expert when you don’t have to measure anything.

Treat stains as fast as possible

Just like a college assignment, it’s always better to deal with any stain right away so you can relax later. Getting something like blood, toothpaste, or Bolognese sauce are all examples of things that should be pre-treated with a commercial stain remover, or even liquid detergent, and then washed quickly so the stain doesn’t set. Just ensure that you check the stain has gone after washing before drying the item, otherwise it will be nearly impossible to remove.

Check the item’s tag for help

You know those little tags on the back of clothing? It’s not just to tell you which way your shirt is facing, but to also inform you on the best way to clean and dry it. The right temperature, if it can be placed in a dryer, and even if the garment can be ironed is all information that’s found on the clothing tag. It might even happen that some garments are dry clean only and will be ruined if they go anywhere near a washing machine.

Make last-minute checks before washing anything

Before you start the washing machine, perform a few laundry checks that will stop your clothes from being ruined. This includes:

  • Undo all the buttons on your shirts and jeans
  • Zip up all the zippers and fasten hooks and Velcro straps
  • Look inside all pockets (coins, notes, and phones have known to be washed accidentally)
  • Unbunch all your socks and unroll cuffs
  • Place any delicate lingerie in a washable mesh bag
  • Ensure no colored item has got into a white wash by mistake

Just hope that you don’t find laundry room surprises like this the next time you need to wash your clothing!

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