20+ Business Ideas For Every Cape Cod Entrepreneur

A great time to start your business...

Cape Cod, the crowd favorite hook-shaped peninsula, is a popular summertime destination. It’s known for its quaint villages, seafood shacks, ponds, lighthouses, and bay and ocean beaches. But below this surface, Cape Cod is a thriving business region in Massachusetts where entrepreneurs of all types compete for their share. If you are looking forward to entrepreneurship, whether it’s to dip your toes or dive all in, here are 20+ business ideas that will jumpstart your new career.

The Side Hustlers

As of now, freelancers account for 36% of the US workforce. And as millennials and Generation Z start to take up bigger pieces of the pie, this number will only increase. What’s more? Freelancers are shore of clientele, nor are they struggling with income. In fact, most of the freelancers said they no amount of money could convince them to take a traditional job.

If you’re interested in freelancing as well but are already in a 9-to-5, your best course of action towards freelancing is to get into a side business. Dedicate some time and money to this business, and only go full-time freelancing when it takes off. But until then, here are some ideas for small businesses you can start on your own:

  • Blogging - If you’re into writing, you can find a topic, called a niche topic, that really moves you and think will move others too. You can then start a website on that topic covering everything you and your readers are interested in.

  • Pet sitting - When people go away on trips or vacations, they prefer to pay a pet sitter and avoid sending their pet to a professional kennel. You can offer your home as a safe place for people to leave their pets, or go to their home to take care of their pets.

  • Virtual assistant - With a good internet connection and minimal interaction, you can assist an ultra-busy professional in checking and answering their email, updating their calendars, organizing task lists, and performing other administrative tasks.

  • Others - Other side business ideas include website design, public speaking, growing and selling produce, jewelry making, furniture making, interior decorating, event coordinator, and social media expert.


The Trend Piggybackers

One of the most promising ways of starting a business is to get on a hot, ongoing trend. It may or may not last long term — that depends on your adaptability and creativity — but it will certainly flourish in the short term. Here are some business ideas that are particularly trending right now.

  • Social media expert - when businesses want to reach their customers, their best bet is to do it social media sites. You’ll find many companies willing to let you handle their social presences on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and emerging platforms like TikTok.

  • Senior Care Giver - If you have the qualities of compassion, kindness, and patience and enjoy giving back to others, you can work as a full-time senior caregiver.  As nursing home costs soar, this business stands to perform better in the coming years.

  • Online Casino - Casinos are a great form of entertainment for many people. A brick-and-mortar casino will do fine too, but you’ll have to face competition from the local casino at Cape Cod while your clientele is limited. But you can take cues from successful ventures like Vegas Mobile Casino that are able to cater to players from all across the US by offering excellent games and bonuses.

The Recession Bypassers

The US has seen 13 recessions since the Great Depression — that’s roughly one every six years. Moreover, economic cycles are a painful fact of life, meaning you’re sure to see one in the new few years. So if you’re trying to build a business, why not go for one that will stand harsh conditions. Yes, such types of businesses do exist. Let’s find out which ones.

  • Candy - Did you know that Snicker, Three Musketeers, and Tootsie Pops were all invented during the Great Depression. When tough times strike, people want to satisfy their sweet tooth without affecting their budget. In such conditions, candy can be a great anxiety soother. Many candy brands saw higher profits during the recession.

  • Veterinary services - Whatever the situation, people don’t pinch pennies when it comes to their furry family members’ health and well-being. Pet spending actually saw a steady increase through the last recession, showing just how much of a viable option it is.

  • Tax accounting - Recessions would make you think to cut your costs by doing your own taxes. However, this was not the case during the last one at least. People wanted to make sure they get the best refund possible without making costly mistakes. Thus, being a Tax Accountant during a recession can be truly profitable.

  • Others - Other business ideas that will stand their ground during recessions are death care services, thrift stores, cosmetics, tattoo parlors, movie theaters, and beer, wine, and liquor business.

Keep it simple - When you start your new venture, keep thing simple and affordable by using one of the Cape's coworking sites as your home base.  CapeSpace offers facilities in Hyannis and Mashpee, while The Pants Factory offers a coworking facility in Orleans.

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