Meeting goes viral, bringing state and national attention to the Town of Orleans’ disgrace
Nauset is at the top of Cape Cod’s K-12 education food chain today, thanks in no small part to the leadership of Dr. Hoffmann
As we have researched our stories about 4Cs a common thread emerged that people feel the school is somehow “out of date”
Mashpee, Monomoy schools head in opposite directions
In-state tuition is subsidized by the Commonwealth’s taxpayers for the advancement of our in-state students
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When it came to the juicy stuff, the sex resort was the least of it, which is why I recommend this story as a case study of what can happen after politicians leave Congress, insert their snouts in the trough, and inhale deeply.
Ask our legislators to either fund it better or put the brakes on runaway special education spending
Kudos to Nauset, but the rest must do better
He reveals his true intent – the de-funding of charter schools to protect traditional school districts whose students are fleeing by the hundreds