Monomoy may only attract D-Y students with an "Edifice Complex"
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Wellfleet outscored all other Cape schools - Monomoy's third and eighth grade scores are shockingly low
Nauset Regional Middle School leads the Cape in English - Barnstable science/tech engineering scores drop 30 points - Monomoy’s test scores belie the district’s self-proclaimed title as “the premier school of choice on Cape Cod”
Nine-speaker series includes a baker, a techie and a scientist
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Falmouth, D-Y soar in math, Sturgis, Nauset, Sandwich in English
And they save parents money
An accelerated Home Health Aide Certificate program starting October 4th, grads guaranteed an interview with the VNA
Cape Cod "college competition" begins in January - $1 leases common - BSU beats 4Cs three-to-one in our poll