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Cape Cod "college competition" begins in January - $1 leases common - BSU beats 4Cs three-to-one in our poll
Beach, shellfish and transfer station permits now available at alternate locations

Bad News: Study finds that a warmer future will still contain major snowstorms
Thirteen-year-olds at Nauset Regional Middle School’s summer science and technology institute study pond science

Recycled shells aid in new oyster production, storm surge mitigation and reduction in nitrogen
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"Live Free and Die" ?
Town employees, residents and visitors all encouraged to take part
Summer shark activity triggers warning from town
Most other Cape school districts head back to class after Labor Day
CCNS to celebrate the National Park Service's 98th with a free day at the beach
It could become a hurricane by next weekend
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Cape Cod college competition boils over the same week it starts ~ Facebook post taken down Friday morning, see original here
Last month selectmen adopted the town-wide goals following a public meeting

Has Wall Street quaking in its boots

Projects like it are essential for Earth’s preservation
Public invited to attend to learn more about programs, volunteering opportunities
Second Minke to wash ashore in the bay this month
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Shoppers at the Cape Cod Mall encouraged to take part in worthy event
Following a national trend of moving away from tablets & netbooks, free Chromebooks will connect to the web via Monomoy’s 400 mbps Comcast service
Bring your empty shells to the Department of Natural Resources
Cape Cod Community College suffers a trifecta of afflictions: declining enrollment, weak branding and an out-of-date marketing program
Hitch stop scheduled for August 19-24 in Buzzards Bay
Daunted by downpours and Hurricane Arthur, the show was put off until the end of summer
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