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Seashore group does not solicit donations door to door
Information to be presented on Route 28 and Route 6A intersection improvements
Limited spaces will still be available

"Our Children and Veterans First," "Send Them Back Deval," "Stay Home and Fix Your Own Country," "Send Them Back," "Freedom is Not Free," "Secure Our Border Now-Send Them Home," "Humane? Children in Warehouses," "Destroying Our Country from the Inside"

State Rep Randy Hunt on the offer to house migrant children at Joint Base Cape Cod
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Lamarche ensures open lines of communication as governor offers up Joint Base Cape Cod
Average stay of a child would likely be 35 days
Ryan Castle is leaving South Carolina for Cape Cod
Applications being accepted through the end of the month
29-year-old reportedly experiencing complications with pregnancy
Governor Patrick vetoed the program’s $1.95 million start-up funding last week - College working with our legislative delegation and others to advance the program
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16th straight month of single-family year-over-year increases, but price and market confidence indexes are down
Ground breaking for new library complex set for September 2014
Boater reported seeing body off West Tisbury to USCG Monday
The school district's financial picture has dramatically improved since Dr. Richard Hoffmann was appointed

"The East Coast has a massive, pollution-free energy source ready to meet these challenges--offshore wind." - National Wildlife Federation
98-year-old Frederick Coe says he'll be back for his 75 year pin
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Four of the projects were located on Cape Cod, one on Martha's Vineyard
Library officials hope to be open again on Tuesday
What good superintendent would want to work for these people?
Only 3 state newspapers have a full-time reporter on Beacon Hill
Town seeks to fill one vacancy on the committee
Warrant contains six articles for residents to consider
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DA candidate Richard Barry speaks out about current DA’s letter of support for a politically connected criminal who recently pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property