TV's talking heads give more coverage to vitriolic despots like Ted Cruz than to saner politicians

When it came to the juicy stuff, the sex resort was the least of it, which is why I recommend this story as a case study of what can happen after politicians leave Congress, insert their snouts in the trough, and inhale deeply.
Ask our legislators to either fund it better or put the brakes on runaway special education spending

Alerting the public to "clear and present danger" a civil disobedience win

Harwich Taxpayers Association gives up in frustration
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The federal court ruling, ten years after the project was first proposed, should clear the way for the construction of the first large scale offshore wind project in the U.S.

Driver education, cyclist orientations and equipment among ideas to keep summer workers safe
Kudos to Nauset, but the rest must do better
Killing whales by design and default

I experienced three office moves with a large corporation to new facilities: no muss, no fuss and no expense.

I cannot imagine a more hurtful remark to persons who have served our community with dignity and compassion for a number of years
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Total savings identified in the report are $4.1 million

I would like to offer a different perspective, and would ask for people to look at the data and make their own judgments

Regardless of the outcome, this situation is becoming uglier by the day

The Attorney General's office appears to be entering a stipulation with the landowners that will undercut the good reasons why the Town and Friends group should continue on with the suit

No, that was not the title of the recent New York Times article about the Cape Wind offshore wind project. But it should have been.
He reveals his true intent – the de-funding of charter schools to protect traditional school districts whose students are fleeing by the hundreds
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A flood of dirty fuel into the Bay State would undercut its efforts to reduce carbon pollution

It breaks my heart that people can be so judgmental and cruel
The charter haters – and yes we include Messrs. Turner and Wick – will twist logic to say that charter schools don’t include low-achieving students or low-income students. So what?

It will be a good neighbor & an active community partner

There is something out of balance
To Cape Codders both good and bad
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There are 'No Small Coincidences' in life