DA candidate responds to convictions in probation patronage abuse case and the current DA’s involvement

This is an opportunity to give these children a little peace during what is going to continue to be a traumatic experience

"Our Children and Veterans First," "Send Them Back Deval," "Stay Home and Fix Your Own Country," "Send Them Back," "Freedom is Not Free," "Secure Our Border Now-Send Them Home," "Humane? Children in Warehouses," "Destroying Our Country from the Inside"

State Rep Randy Hunt on the offer to house migrant children at Joint Base Cape Cod

"The East Coast has a massive, pollution-free energy source ready to meet these challenges--offshore wind." - National Wildlife Federation
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What good superintendent would want to work for these people?

DA candidate Richard Barry speaks out about current DA’s letter of support for a politically connected criminal who recently pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property

With the construction of Cape Wind nearing, you can soon add a visit to America’s first offshore wind farm to your vacation plans the next time you come to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.

This is why I will vote to support it

The Barnstable Town Council should be ashamed. The extensive use of offshore wind farms overseas disproves the tired talking points of our local obstructionists

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s signature education initiative is the Gills Club
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Meeting goes viral, bringing state and national attention to the Town of Orleans’ disgrace
Nauset is at the top of Cape Cod’s K-12 education food chain today, thanks in no small part to the leadership of Dr. Hoffmann
As we have researched our stories about 4Cs a common thread emerged that people feel the school is somehow “out of date”

“Whenever more people have an opportunity to vote, our democracy is strengthened.”

The enrollment trend is generally inverse of economic growth

Aided by four Massachusetts companies
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“Tobacco Science” versus fact
Mashpee, Monomoy schools head in opposite directions

Judge Stearns noted that the lawsuit would violate the 11th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
In-state tuition is subsidized by the Commonwealth’s taxpayers for the advancement of our in-state students

Cape Wind could ease stress on infrastructure

TV's talking heads give more coverage to vitriolic despots like Ted Cruz than to saner politicians
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When it came to the juicy stuff, the sex resort was the least of it, which is why I recommend this story as a case study of what can happen after politicians leave Congress, insert their snouts in the trough, and inhale deeply.