Police & Fire News

Car breaks through foundation of Davis Straits home
Suspect reportedly had Clonazepam and amphetamines without a proper prescription
Police confiscate over $20,000 in assorted illegal narcotics
Transported to Cape Cod Hospital for dog bite after giving up the goods
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Bring your unwanted prescription medication to the police department for proper disposal on April 26
Sixteen arrests, two OUIs following car crashes, and one drug overdose
Local law enforcement aims to take guns off the street
Bail money seized after K9 gets a whiff
Officer stuck with needle while searching suspect
Targeted investigations put a crimp in flow of heroin to Cape
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K9 sniffs out cocaine, pot and pills
Death of 85-year-old man appears to be accidental
Cape DA, Bourne police announce the arrest of Sonny Tavares of Buzzards Bay
Crash knocks out power in East Falmouth Tuesday night
Passing motorist called 911 after finding victim lying in the road
Unconfirmed room invasion at Bourne hotel
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Man struck while delivering newspapers early Saturday morning
Woman brought to hospital with serious injuries
Two domestic disturbance arrests and one OUI following a Route 6 crash
State troopers responded to early AM crash
Heroin, cash seized from suspects at Hyannis hotel
Accident occurred Saturday afternoon at Cape Cod Aggregates Corp.
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Driver arrested for operating with a suspended license with 2-year-old in the car