Upper Cape Democratic Coalition connects that regions Democratic town committees
Hosted by the Barnstable Democratic Town Committee
House votes changes to section 529 college savings plans - Senate ends debate on the Homeland Security funding bill
How to fill that $1.5 billion budget gap - Governor says "Significant changes" must come to the nearly $14 billion MassHealth program
Building Trades Convention in Plymouth Thursday, Fisheries Summit in Boston Monday
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Dan Wolf, Sarah Peake, Brian Mannal, Vinny deMacedo named
Cape rep one of bill's sponsors - A coalition needed to ensure a revenue stream and to get the wind industry off the ground
Rep. Hunt to discuss the bridges and Route 6 vegetation restoration plan
Transpo woes: Baker offers more commissions; Commuting quandary eludes quick fix
Cape Wind rally on Boston Common next Saturday - Enviro Secretary tours Sandwich and Plymouth beach erosion Friday
Clergy, school administrators, police and representatives from the DA's Office and the courts to speak
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Baker wants to be your Valentine - The budget battle is over - The "nuclear option" - Patrick takes a pass
The biggest Beacon Hill accomplishment so far this year is balancing the $36.5 billion budget
House votes to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, Senate votes that children trafficked for sex should not be treated or regarded as child prostitutes, restitution to victims of child porn, urge Russia to release female Ukrainian fighter pilot
Future issues and projects on the agenda
Event to celebrate Lincoln's birthday and the end of slavery
Will the transportation woes melt away with the spring thaw?
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Coastal Zone Management draft report Thursday in Hyannis
The Republicans try to shoot down Obamacare... again
Wolf, Peake & Lyons slated to speak
MA lawmakers seek new law against the crime of female genital mutilation
UPDATE: Senators Wolf & deMacedo to host Senate President Rosenberg at MMA on Mar. 18
Only 11 of 125 Democrats defy the leader on the Term Limit rule change he himself imposed.
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GOP passes Keystone Pipeline, stops credits for renewable energy