Walter and Patricia Brooks

Job Title: 
Editor and Marketing Directors of Cape Cod Today and Best Read Guide

Walter and Pat Brooks founded Best Read Guides, and Best Read Guide Franchise Company after thirty years in newspaper journalism and travel writing.

Before starting these companies, Walter and  Pat had spent decades in the newspaper industry and are frequent contributors to the travel sections of eastern daily newspapers. Walter and Pat have held every position in newspapering including classified manager, retail advertising manager, managing editor, promotion/marketing director, art director, photographer, and publisher.

Among their newspaper ports of call have been The Village Voice, New York Post, Greenwich CT Time, Naugatuck CT Daily News., Amherst MA Journal-Record, Enfield CT Press, The Cape Codder and MPG Communications. He was educated at the Taft School, Culver Military Academy and University of Connecticut and has been a frequent lecturer on newspaper design and promotion and niche publications.

While Walter is a Connecticut Yankee, Pat's family goes back to Capt. Edw. Bangs, one of the first eight settlers on Cape Cod.