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I'm sure he won't mind.

Cliven Bundy's family claims that because his family arrived in Nevada in the 1880's they have an ancestral claim to the land he is grazing on for free, and, therefore should be allowed to use it even though it belongs to all Americans, not just his family.

No one should say he should not be there, nor should anyone presume to decide who can use the land.

Barnstable Today: Monday April 14th, 2014

A new cupcake shop will soon open on Main Street in Hyannis, 7th grade students in Barnstable are now using iPads in the classroom, and water flushing begins today in Cotuit. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.

Beware of the Commonwealth Bearing Gifts

If you went down to Naimesh and Akku Patel’s 7-11 on Main Street and bought a scratch ticket that resulted in winnings of $1.8 million, that would be great, right?

What if, after scratching the ticket and expressing jubilation at your good fortune, you learned that there were strings attached to your windfall? What if those strings included inflicting pain and suffering on others?
That might change things.

Ted Cruz vs Ted Cruz

Going back to Saint Ronald (let’s just ignore the many bad thing he did that messed up the country from raising taxes to Iran-Contra) Reagan, the law on the books requires any hospital receiving federal funds must treat anyone who comes into the Emergency Room whether or not they have insurance or the money to pay for treatment.

Palm Crucifix Replica

By Jack Sheedy

Spoiler Alert: Being incidental text meant to flesh out a biography on 20th century writer Thomas J. McSheey, this blog entry is not even remotely amusing except for perhaps a slight witticism in the third-to-last paragraph, which by my mentioning may keep you reading. Thank you for your kind attention.

Thomas J. McSheey tried to live by certain rules. Well, perhaps “rules” is too strong a term. He lived by certain axioms … about life, about the ways of the world, and about himself.

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Holiday From Cambodia

Flutist/Genocide Survivor To Speak At Bourne High School Monday 

Students at Bourne High School will get a fine opportunity to gain a bit of perspective tomorrow, as Arn Chorn-Pond will come to the school to speak.

Defining Cape Cod Through Its People

By Greg O'Brien

William Shakespeare captured the essence of the late Sherill Smith of Orleans when he wrote in Hamlet, “He was a man. Take him for all in all. We shall not look upon his like again.”

Someone owes US rent.


All analogies limp, so I make no pretense that this one is perfect.

Beware Of The Cape Cod Hotel Phone Scam

Con Man Targets Guest Credit Card Information

We just want to drop a quick note to the numerous hotels on Cape Cod, regarding a scam that has been going on.

It seems that the new fraud engine is for the shyster to call the hotel, guess at a room number, finally get someone on the phone, and convince them that they are the front desk attendant. They then dangle the carrot of a computer error that denied the guest a discounted rate, which can be fixed if the guest would only be so kind as to provide their credit card information.