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Barnstable Today: Tuesday September 16th, 2014

Town Council will again postpone a vote regarding the shooting range in West Barnstable, a project to improve roadways in Cotuit will soon begin, and the Barnstable Police Department will open a new sub-station tomorrow.

The Wonders of Coconut Oil

Have you discovered the wonders of coconut oil? For years, we’ve been told that coconut oil is bad for you, but the reality is coconut oil has just the right kinds of fats, the same medium-chain fatty acids found in mother’s milk and essential to optimum health and disease prevention. Coconut oil is in fact a miracle oil and one of the earliest oils used as a food and as a pharmaceutical. People who live in tropical climates with a coconut-based diet have fewer incidences of heart disease, cancer, digestive complaints and prostate problems.

Evidence of Bears in Dennis

By Jonathan Mayo

As one who frequently walks the woods of Cape Cod I have come to some disagreement with friends about whether or not bears trudge just below our radar on old Cape Cod. Now we all know about the "Cape Cod Bear" but do others still remain?  One friend says "no way" to which I respond, "They don't make it a point to be seen." I found some very large pawprints in the woods last winter but that was the only clue I could find-until now.

When will we learn?

Fossil fuels are not forever

Germany learned. Why can't we?

NY Times headline today shouts:

Sun and Wind Alter German Energy System

Germany’s renewable-energy push has had an impact far beyond its shores, driving down costs faster than almost anyone thought possible just a few years ago...

Only the Alliance Could Complain About This One

During construction, Cape Wind will need a staging facility at a New England port where it will assemble turbines and monopoles for transport to the wind farm site. Whatever port hosts that facility will benefit from significant additional economic activity. This will be especially true if, in the long term, Cape Wind spurs the development of a larger offshore wind industry in the Northeast (note to Cape Wind opponents: I said “if”).

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Evan Falchuk Runs For Governor

Evan Falchuk Runs For Governor
By David A. Mittell, Jr.

Barnstable Today: Friday September 19th, 2014

A community gathers to remember the many lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks that occurred 13 years ago.

Barnstable Today: September 11, 2014

13 years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 Hyannis residents gather together to remember those that lost their lives on that fateful day.

Festivals - Cranberries Plus & Simple Oven Fries w/Options

      Over the next 4 weeks will be one of the reasons I moved to the Cape. The only problem is Im not a millionaire and I'm not crapping a ship load of money. So I am having to pick and choice which festivals I can afford and which ones I want to really go out and find those extra pennies, nickels, and dimes in the sofa and easy chair. These festivals both on the Cape and just off Cape will be an experience you will not want to miss. These festivals celebrate one the most iconic events that of our little spit of land has to offer, the Harvest of the Cranberries.