Bourne Pizza Wars: Mr. G's Pizza

Sagamore Representing! 

In our quest to help the citizens of this town know where to go for pizza and subs, we journeyed to Sagamore to try out Mr. G's Pizza and Subs.

Known locally as "the G Spot," Mr. G's is located at 41A Meetinghouse Lane in Sagamore. They are the former Atlantic Beach Pizza, and they share a plaza with Chen's Kitchen (known locally as "Mr. Chen's"), Ye Olde Spirit Shoppe/Scusset Beach General Store and Aubuchon Hardware.

Mr G. (real name: either "Golfin" or "Gelfin"... I was hoping for "Giancomo" or "Ginelli") went into business after the rotary was closed off by President Governor Romney, so he has had to make his business run without a string of lost/forced-from-the-rotary traffic. That's not an easy feat when they are literally tucked into a corner of Massachusetts, and especially so when half of that corner is empty beach.

Mr. G. went into business late in 2011, and was a part of a post-rotary revitalization effort in a plaza that wasn't going to survive after the rotary closed. Buoyed by locally-driven businesses (Mr Chen, Aubochon, etc...), the plaza is now a vibrant enough place that I fully expect to wreck a quarter panel there some day. Bourne has a success story going with THAT business zone. Mr. G does business year-round, and has delivery.

I should add right here that Mr. G's is my neighborhood pizza shop. The only other local spots are outside of Barnstable County. Plymouth's Minerva's and Cedarville House of Pizza- locally known as "C-Hop"- don't count in the Pizza Wars.

That may be distinct to SE Massachusetts, this HOP anagram... Buzzards Bay House of Pizza is the more Egyptian-sounding "B-Bhop." Wareham HOP is the ethnic-apropos "WHOP." Monument Beach HOP is the very catchy and yummy sounding "MBHOP"

Sagamore residents, having just lost that silly rotary to a complicated and dangerous series of off-ramps, tend to resent going to Buzzards Bay because they still have a silly rotary. Therefore, Mr. G has a monopoly on Sagamore's pizza sales for the time being.

We spaced our samplings out over two meals... one in-house, one delivery. They had no idea we were those Bourne Pizza War writers. We went some time ago, and we actually have a few Pizza War articles on the on-ramp in the next few weeks.

Rather than a detailed analysis, we'll just go stream-of-consciousness:

- The camera lies a bit there, because the pizza was a legitimate 16", no question. The calzones are actually a bit larger, and only fit in the box sort of diagonally.

- 9 minutes and 12 seconds from the moment the girl at the counter turned around and barked out the order to the moment she brought the pizza out to us.

- Very nice counter girl, didn't mind my questioning. Everyone at Mr. G's- counter girl, pizza maker, delivery guy, Mr. G himself- is very nice, and very grateful for your business.

- I have a friend who insists on looking over the kitchen of places we eat at, and she didn't remark on anything at Mr. G's but....

- The guy who made our pizza was Chinese... and no, we weren't hungry a half an hour later. It made me wonder if the guy from Mr. Chen's was catching some overtime next door.

- High cheddar content on the pizza. As you can see in the pic, 2 or 3 pieces got most of it.

- I totally believe in thick crust, and prefer where I might just eat one piece and be full. Mr. G doesn't skimp there, and- if you got a large piece- you could probably make a good mini-sub by hollowing out the crust a bit and adding stuff. This ended up being a deciding factor when we were kicking around grades.

- Because of the attention to detail the chef paid to the crust, G's pizza has no chance of drooping into your lap. Despite this fact, it also manages to not be like a pub pizza crust.

- 3 booths, 2 counters with stools. TV on CNN. 

- Jason Varitek has eaten there before, multiple times. He's not local, he lives in Georgia... might have been up for a golf tournament or something.

- The condiments (ketchup, hot peppers, salt, etc...) were- and I'm not kidding you- on top of the wooden hinged-door box that they keep their garbage can in. This cost them a letter grade, and we all passed on the grated cheese.

- Mr. G almost lost another letter grade when, on our delivery order, they brought the wrong calzone. However, they were so cheerful and compliant when we called about it, we erased the X mark. The delivery guy- a huge kid who could have intimidated- instead was amazingly nice. In fairness to Mr. G, the girl who phoned in our order is ESL, and sounds like it.

- Good delivery time, although we're also right around the corner from them. 

- The calzone saved G in this review. Try not to die before going to Mr. G's, getting a chicken/pepperoni/cheese calzone, and eating it on a smoky Wednesday morning. I believe that they must own some strange kitchen tool they use to jam all the Yummy into it. We also got a very good buffalo chicken sub that actually cleared up the sinuses of everyone at the table just by Buffalo Power.

- Stephen ate this entire calzone before I finished one piece of pizza. Granted, I'm 5'2", I'm a slow eater, and he hits his head on ceiling fans, but really?

Final grade? 


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