Buzzards Bay Hosting Scallop Fest And Movie Premier

Buzzards Bay Is The Place To Be...

Buzzards Bay, it's now, it's happening! Or not. There are two Zs in "Buzzards Bay" for a reason...


Buzzards Bay has 3500 people or so, probably less now that Labor Day has passed. We are the center of Cape Cod to any individual only if they are in traffic approaching the Bourne Bridge. We have basically four streets, two bridges, two rotaries, four or seven bars, three stoplights, three packies and one Maritime Academy.

There really isn't that much going on in Buzzards Bay, generally. This weekend, however... we rule New England. Listen my children and you shall hear...

First, we have the Bourne Scallop Fest happening in the Town Square off of Main Street, over by the railroad bridge. This goes on Friday (20th), Saturday, and Sunday. It is the world's foremost tribute to our favorite marine bivalve mollusk.

The Bourne Scallop Fest has music, amusement park rides, games, carnival food and, of course, Scallops. They have a lot of scallops at the Scallop Festival, as you might imagine.

Yeah, yeah... I heard you think you can eat a lot of scallops. The Bourne Scallop festival laughs at your appetite, and will make you a culinary Prison Girlfriend in the Yummy system. You'll hold the sleeve of Goodness as you perp-walk your way through a life sentence of Gastronomic Contentment.

Here's the Entertainment Schedule, with the highlight IMHO being the 11 AM show put on buy The Infractions. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy Jazz Band Ensemble closes the show at 5 PM Sunday.

The 44th Annual Bourne Scallop Festival is Friday, September 20th, Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22nd, 2013.

Dinner Hours

Friday & Saturday - 10 AM to 9PM; Sunday 10 AM to 6PM

The Festival is held Rain or Shine; Gates open at 10 AM each morning

General Admission Information:
$6 per person,Children 6-12 are $2 & 5 and Under are Admitted FREE.
General Admission is available only at the front gate.

Dinner Ticket Purchases

Scallop Dinner Combination Ticket - $22

Includes Succulent Fried Scallops, French Fries, Cole Slaw, Roll & Butter, Tartar Sauce, Ketchup, Can of Soda, MA Meals Tax and Admission.

Scallop Facts:

- Pope Benedict, Lady Diana, Prince Harry (his personal COA) and Winston Churchill all had/have the scallop on the family coat of arms.

- Botticelli's The Birth Of Venus features a scallop in a supporting role.

- Scallops are viewed in many cultures as Fertility symbols.

- Leading producer of scallops? The Northern Atlantic. We have the world's largest wild scallop fishery, which has bounced back after prior overfishing.  After that? Japan, then China. Both have heavy aquaculture systems- China makes 80% of the world's aquaculture scallops, and Russia is second.

- The scallop is the state shell of New York. Our shell is the New England Neptune whisked whelk.

- The shell used in the Shell petroleum company logo is a scallop.

- Scallop shells were used as improvised shanks in Wampanoag prisons... OK, I made that one up.

- The picture of the scallop plate is from the Scallop Fest website, linked above somewhere.

- Scalloped potatoes are named after a well-known style of preparation for scallops.

- Scallopped Edges in architecture are named for the mollusk.

- The scallop is the traditional emblem of Saint James. Jimmy once rescued a knight who was covered in scallops.

- In France, they call scallops "Coquille Ste. Jacques," and Germans call them "Jakobsmuscheln," which translates to "James mussel."

- The part of the scallop you eat is the adductor muscle (not mussel!). Free-floating scallops can actually swim by flexing the adductor muscle.

Anyhow... you have all weekend to go. You may also want to do some celebrity watching, because...


Tom Hanks Movie Premiers In Buzzards Bay!


Captain Phillips, a dramatization of the hijacking/abduction/rescue of Captain Richard Phillips and the MV Maersk Alabama a few years ago, makes her world premier in Buzzards Bay this Saturday.. The film features Tom Hanks and at least 3 Somali pirate head shots.

The film will premier at Admiral's Hall on the Massachusetts Maritime Academy this very Saturday. They have two showings scheduled, 9:30 PM and Midnight.

Phillips is working in the Middle East, and cannot attend his own film's premier. We are trying to verify rumors that Tom Hanks will be staying at the Buzzards Bay guest home of Duxbury philanthropist Stephen Bowden. It is not known whether Hanks will attend the premier.

If I were Hanks, I'd go. Not only are stars supposed to be at their own premiers, but how many times does your film debut on the same night in the same town- merely yards away- as a Scallop Fest? Not only do I expect to see Hanks at the Scallop Fest, I expect to see him at the Scallop Fest perhaps all day Saturday. I'm not saying it's so, I'm saying it should be so.

Hanks is a master of disguise, so he may look like any other Cape trash townie. The key to spotting him will be if he pronounces "Scallops" wrong. "It's more Bacall than LaSalle" is the best way I can explain it in print to a non-local. Hanks, a veteran actor, will probably be aware of this.

Anyhow, those are two (2) very huge reasons that you should have Buzzards Bay in your weekend plans. Besides, what better way to say goodbye to summer is there than mowing shellfish after watching a boat movie? Plan accordingly, playboy. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on