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Main Street musings as we watch the watchers

Happy 100th to a Falmouth Legend

One hundred years. Think of what has happened in this community – in this Commonwealth – and in this great nation in the past century.

Trophies for Falmouth Town Meeting Talent

On a recent Sunday night, Donna and I stood in line in the biting cold and swirling wind on Main Street along with at least a dozen other dedicated (if not a bit crazy) Falmouthites to get a Dairy Queen. That can mean only one thing: it is springtime in Falmouth.
Another sure sign of the coming printemps is our local democracy bee at the Lawrence Memorial Auditorium, our Annual Town Meeting. That can only mean one other thing: Town Meeting Trophies.

Beware of the Commonwealth Bearing Gifts

If you went down to Naimesh and Akku Patel’s 7-11 on Main Street and bought a scratch ticket that resulted in winnings of $1.8 million, that would be great, right?

What if, after scratching the ticket and expressing jubilation at your good fortune, you learned that there were strings attached to your windfall? What if those strings included inflicting pain and suffering on others?
That might change things.

Amanda Ravens is Not A Runner - But She Runs For Us

Amanda Ravens is not a runner. Just ask her. In fact, you can read her blog.

Amanda, however, now runs for a purpose. She runs for those who can’t.

Genesis: Profits Over People

As much as any local eatery, The Town House Restaurant defined Main Street and Falmouth Village in the 1970s and ’80s. For decades, really, this downtown fixture, a family business and comfort food haven was run lovingly by a tightknit family. Today, Liam and Deb Maguire and their family carry on that tradition in the same locale. That edifice is a Main Street tradition of family and friends gathering together to eat and make memories.

Remembering Falmouth's 1993 'Dream Team'

Tony Camerio wanted some order and substance to dog hearings in Falmouth. There’s nothing wrong with that. He felt wronged at the hands of the selectmen and decided to run to make a difference. There’s a lot right with that. Rather than complain from the sidelines, he chose to be part of the solution and put himself in the public spotlight. Tony’s race for the town’s top elected office was a crowded one. That year, there were seven candidates, including two incumbents, running for the board of selectmen.

A Parade of Community Spirit

The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team may have shed a tear as they received their silver medals, but their success in being second best on the planet still represents a memorable and laudable Olympic effort. For them to train, practice, play, and succeed at the Olympic level is an amazing feat for which they as athletes – and we as Americans - should be proud.

Preserving A Beacon of Community Spirit in Falmouth

Like the Zakim Bridge is to Boston, like the Kennedy Compound is to Hyannisport, and like the bridges are to Bourne, the lighthouse and nearby cape-style home at Nobska create an image that is an enduring symbol of Falmouth.

Reversing the Violent and Virulent Vortex in Falmouth

I try each day to focus on the solutions. I am most certainly a “glass half full” kind of guy. This approach to living each day pays great dividends in my work and interpersonal relationships, and enables me to look at the world through lens of possibilities, not problems.
Anthony J. D ‘Angelo, author of “Chicken Soup for the College Soul,” has a similar viewpoint. “Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems,” he noted to millions of our nation’s youth, espousing a philosophy of active optimism.