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Compassion is a Falmouth - And A Cape Cod - Value

When did we get so angry?

The local reaction—and angry overreaction—to the news that unaccompanied children detained by the federal government may be housed temporarily on Joint Base Cape Cod, paints a sad and sorry picture of the dismal state of the public discourse in our community, in our commonwealth, and in our nation—and is a stark reminder of the regretful lack of compassion and understanding by many in our midst who oppose the idea of providing refuge for children without even knowing the details of their proposed brief visit.

Gen. Flanagan's Idea - The Time Has Come

Sometimes, a good idea sounds even better when considered against the backdrop of a little local history. On Wednesday, as I enjoyed the ebbs and flows of the sea of humanity that passed before me at the Falmouth Village Association’s super-successful Arts & Crafts Festival, I listened intently as two long-time locals, who have seen more than 160 years of Falmouth history between them, shared their perspective on Falmouth, its people and its history.

The Worlds Best - Right Here on Cape Cod

Vienna. Moscow. Paris. Mashpee.

Friends of the Foundation - Friends of Falmouth

The success of the evening was indicated by the multiple drippings of short rib gravy on my notepad. I’ll readily admit that I dipped into dinner before, during, and after it was served, occasionally dropping a splash on my notes for the evening. It’s not easy to cook, write, and sneak a taste of your handiwork all at once, but I couldn’t resist and I’m sure my gracious and gregarious hosts wouldn’t have minded even if they caught me stealing a forkful (or handful). It was a night of laughs, liveliness, libations and...food. Lots of food.

Succanessett Success - Clarkson Hosts Book Launch Party in Falmouth

More than 200 friends, family and Falmouthites enjoyed the day's sparkling sunshine at the home of Troy Clarkson and Donna Buckley to attend a book launch party for "Succanessett Snapshot: The People and Places that Make Falmouth a Community." 

New Chemistry at the Corner Conference Table

I learned a thing or two about chemistry in George Hussey’s chemistry class at Falmouth High School. His affable manner and kind demeanor were great ingredients in a recipe for learning. The fact that, these many years later, I look at a periodic table with some affection and excitement is testament to Mr. Hussey’s teaching abilities (and perhaps a tad indicative of my oddity).

FALMOUTH ELECTION - Vote Yes on Question 1

Virginia Valiela and John Waterbury have done their time. Legends, both of them, in the annals of our locale for more nearly three-quarters of a century of combined dedication and devotion to building a better community, these two civic champions could easily be comfortably resting at home, content with lives of purpose well lived. These two, though, have much more to give. They have much more purpose to live and are more energized than ever.

FALMOUTH ELECTION - Vote Yes on Question 3

“I know what’s it’s like to perform under pressure-packed conditions in front of legions of screaming fans, at the 50-yard line (Insert dramatic pause). In the band.”
That was one of my favorite lines from my years of campaigning and almost always drew a chuckle and a knowing smile from those in the audience who could identify with the pressure of performing in front of a packed house on the gridiron – on a team or in the band.