Obama's command of situation, Seal Team Six (DEVGRU) illustrates maturity! Guarantees reelection in 2012!

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Hussein Obama has done a deed akin to Ronald Reagan's telling Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall!" in Berlin, or Richard Nixon's going to Communist China and making nice with Chairman Mao. Killing Bin Laden is an exploit that will define Obama in history!

A president about whom a significant minority in his own country are unsure whether Obama is a Muslim himself, despite repeat assurances from the president that he is a Christian, took the risk of directly commanding his nation's most elite fighting force in an invasion of a sovereign Muslim nation (Pakistan), reportedly without previously alerting them, then reportedly assassinating an international Islamic militant leader, point blank, in cold blood. Obama killed Osama Bin Laden!

Let's savor the irony as well as the reflected glory glowing around Obama and his administration.

This urbane, at times somewhat effete and elitist former community organizer, activist lawyer and seemingly waffling "please-everybody" American president has "pulled the trigger" on Osama Bin Laden, sent a force popularly (if inaccurately) known as SEAL Team Six into Bin Laden's home to shoot the shadowy Muslim radical in front of at least one of his wives, then cart off his corpse.

Obama had Bin Laden's body snatched, confirmed as to his identity by DNA testing -- it should be noted here, after "whoever it was" was already dead -- and ceremoniously fed to the fishes in the Arabian Sea from the deck of an American aircraft carrier, as Muslim prayers in Arabic echoed.

Recycling Osama Bin Laden into fish food forever prevents the grave of the "martyred spiritual leader" of the "9-11" attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and the fatal hijacking and successful counterattack by the passengers of Flight 93, which crashed in Shenksville, PA instead of into the White House or U.S. Capitol in Washington, from eternal veneration by his followers and as a likely rallying point for continuation of Bin Laden's mad dream to install a radical Caliph to preside over the Arab world... and the West's oil supplies, offshore wind farms to the contrary.

President Obama watched the unfolding "op" live, on Situation Room TV below the White House.

Gathered with him, white-knuckling on the edges of their seats as one of DEVGRU's (i.e., Special Warfare Development Group, the most recently public proper name of the special operations unit conducting the raid, their true current name reportedly a secret, according to some "Special Ops" scuttlebutt) Navy helicopters crash landed into Bin Laden's lawn, were most of the current leaders of our nation's military and diplomatic agencies (some no doubt fearing for their careers).

Unlike on President Jimmy Carter's watch, when a Navy helo experiencing a minor problem caused inexperienced carrier-based pilots to scrub Carter's Iran hostage rescue mission, Obama's SEAL team carried on and carried through their mission, "extracting" without U.S. casualties.

The crashed helicopter was blown up by the SEALS themselves, pundits say to pevent our "good friends" the Pakistanis (who somehow "didn't see" Bin Laden living in their midsts for, oh, years) from giving the sophisticated electronics in the aircraft to the Paks' "better friends," the Chinese.

Conspiracy theorists, bored with faux "ETs" from Roswell, NM, and clandestine "chem-trails" to bio-engineer humanity, have already shifted themselves into "Osama Gear" and resurrected every propaganda byte previously promulgated about Bin Laden's rumored "deaths," most loudly in 2001 or 2004, from: (pick one) lung infection, kidney failure, a "lucky" Predator drone strike.

Consequently, the current president's next big decision is whether to release reported photos of Bin Laden after SEALs had shot him (reportedly once in the chest, a second "tap" in the face), and video footage of Osama as he slid into the sea and beneath the waves, joining Davy Jones and King Neptune and Philippe Cousteau in nautical mythology, a perpetual "eucharist" for seafood lovers.

This will not satisfy the (dyed-in-the-wool-over-our-eyes) conspiracists, any more than the faked "alien bodies" film ended the Roswell UFO "crashed saucer" game, but most reasonable people -- and even some reasonable (oxymoronic?) "Islamic terrorists" -- are likely to be mollified by it.

Other than for the next-in-line leader of Bin Laden's cadre of killers, any purported "second in command" of Al Quaida, who will never hear an approaching helicopter the same way again, President Obama's "collateral damage" from his SEAL team's attack has been on GOP contenders for the privilege of taking a drubbing in Obama's undoubtedly successful 2012 re-election rout.

Despite all of former President George W. Bush's braggadocio, "Bring 'em on!" Texas gunfighter's rhetoric, a lanky basketball playing urbanite from Honolulu (or Kenya, pick your birthplace) got the Bad Guy and aced his place among the heroes of America's endless GWOT (Global War On Terror). It would take a felony conviction to derail Obama's serving a second term at this point

Tribute must be paid to the good people at the Central Intelligence Agency, who pursued Osama Bin Laden through three administrations, Lord knows how many leadership changes and no end of Congressional wrestling matches, second-guesses, "retired" analysts' disclosures and Wikileaks, relentlessly drilling and grilling captives, puzzling out obscure clues but mostly keeping focused.

When the president gave the order for DEVGRU to take to the air, leaving the deck of the U.S.S. Carl Vinson to fly off into the night and eventually into American warfighting history, he had a mostly unseen infrastructure of literally tens of thousands of "shadow warriors" who show up for work day after day (and night after night), doing what they do to help keep us safe... and free.

Cut through your cynicism, sarcasm, prejudice and repeat after me: "Thank you! To all of you!"

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