White House: No credible evidence for ET's presence on Earth!

 WASHINGTON, DC -- A munchkin at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy used an official blog over the weekend to "answer" 12,000-plus citizen petitioners demanding the U.S. government disclose what many believe to be the "Truth" (Big "T") about flying-saucer borne extra-terrestrials visiting Earth and having contact with "us." Or some "chosen" of us, at least.

It ain't happening! At least, this White House won't be announcing "ET" anytime soon, if at all.

Or so said Phil Larson, a spokesman on space affairs for the (same) office where, in the Clinton administration, the late philanthropist and billionaire businessman Laurance S. Rockefeller made several forays into the White House to persuade former President Bill Clinton to tell the "UFO truth," or what the government may (or may not) know about the topic, as is widely perceived.

That initiative was directed toward former White House Science Advisor Dr. John "Jack" Gibbons, and it originated in October 1992, before the election which sent Clinton into office. That's when Rockefeller launched a letter-drafting project among his senior advisors and a nonprofit organization chaired by a U. S. Senator (the late Claiborne I. Pell, D-RI) and which was in large part funded by Rockefeller contributions, to persuade the incoming new president to "disclose UFO truth."

(Note: This writer staffed said first "Rockefeller UFO Initiative," which resulted in meetings between Rockefeller, Gibbons and senior White House staffers in April, 1993, and again in February, 1994, and subsequently. A rather detailed document site and other data are available for the seriously curious at:  http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller%20Documents/Rockefeller_Initiative_Documents.htm , a short-cut to independently probing through FOIA responses and reams of other official records. Note Hillary & Rockefeller photos. Another site with encyclopedic "Presidential UFO" information is:  www.presidentialufo.com )

While Rockefeller publicly soft-pedaled his own personal, claimed beliefs about well-known "UFO stories" like the supposed "ET saucer crash" near Roswell, NM in 1947, and other less well known but more provocative (and potentially credible) anomalous events, reported by many seemingly responsible witnesses, the Clintonistas shut down the probe, at least publicly, after the First Lady and her husband vacationed at Rockefeller's exclusive J-Y Ranch, outside of Jackson Hole, WY, in 1995, during which time lore insists they discussed "UFOs." (Other "affairs" busied the Clintons.)

The current White House UFO engagement, or lack thereof, was prompted by a Maryland-based nonprofit advocacy organization called Paradigm Research Group, whose principal spokesman, Stephen Bassett, for fifteen years has tirelessly campaigned for government truthtelling of UFOs.

Bassett, who espouses personal beliefs that the phenomena so widely reported are "ET" in nature, even campaigned for the U.S. House of Representatives several years ago on a UFO disclosure platform but was defeated in the Democratic primary for the Maryland suburbs of Washington.

While not immediately connected with the OSTP's latest shut-out of purported "UFO Disclosure" initiatives, it may (or may not) be notable that former Clinton White House chief of staff, John Podesta -- known then and recently as a potential believer in ET's "being here" -- recently left his job as president of the Center for American Progress, from which slot he also headed President Obama's transition team in 2008-2009, (giving hopes to UFO believers that a breakthrough was at least possible) -- and is now advising Mrs. Clinton "one day a week," on undisclosed topics.

Mrs. Clinton, of course, is Secretary of State and, should there be a "UFO/ET-related" disclosure signaling an opening of official relations (of a non-military kind) with purported visitors not of this planet, it would fall to Hillary and to various international officials such as those at the United Nations, to handle attendant diplomacy and global management of resultant "exopolitical affairs."

Notable in the OSTP's "official" blog response to the UFO/ET Disclosure petitions was its serious tone, in that (for a change) the posted comment didn't poke fun at the petitioners or the topic, unlike predictable media coverage which is already ramping up in "Style" sections and other unserious commentaries. Actually, this story is more fun than current campaign controversy.

Conversely, intense disinformation and institutionalized "UFOlogy" riddled with silly science and inane conspiracy theories continue to flourish, with suspected intent of derailing serious study.

Larson rehashed the usual official "interest" in possible (but unlikely) contact with theorized "ET life" by offering up SETI, the Kepler telescope project and a future Mars exploration "blue sky" program, for which there is as yet no serious money on the table, signaling that the White House isn't going to "play" with the ET disinfo folks our government has been paying for years to cover up whiz-bang exotic aircraft, new drones, stealth planes and to bury long-past inhumane illicit experimentation on unwitting human subjects, before and after World War II, as documented. 

The bottom line from Larson, on behalf of the OSTP and Barack Obama's White House:

"The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth."

(Author's note: It remains an open question whether there is intelligent life on THIS planet.)

See the original White House/OSTP blog posting, and the UFO Petition, linked here:



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