I miss you Spring

Once again, I have been wracking my brain to come up with a new idea for a blog post. It is said if you can’t find a topic to discuss, then it is best to leave it to “the weather and the conditions of the roads. ” So let’s talk about the weather.

If you are reading this in somewhere besides the Northeast (and judging by my limited viewership, you aren’t), you are familiar with how bad this winter has been. In my area alone, we are hit weekly with measurable snow. Last night gave us three to four inches. That was on top of the 18” that had been left over from the past month of storms.

I used to like snow. I honestly did. Remember how great it was to get school canceled due to snow?  It was a blast.  However, snow is like that annoying neighborhood kid you knew growing up. When you were young, he was fun to play with. But you grew older and at some point, right around the time you graduated from school, you grew tired of his appearance.

Seriously snow?! You’re back again?? You were fun and a surprise visitor when I was in school. We got to stay home and play. But now that I have kids of my own, I have stuff to do. I can’t have you keep showing up every few days.  I much prefer your cousins spring and summer.

One would think adults would love snow. It cancels plans. Cancel a kid's plans and they are disappointed.  Grown-ups love when things are cancelled.  When was the last time you stayed home with nothing to do? As a kid it was a sad day when you had nothing to do, but ask an adult and if they have nothing to do, their face lights up! Unfortunately, seldom do school cancelations come on days with nothing to do. It is usually when you would normally run errands and enjoy kid free time[1].

This winter, I finally broke down and hired a plow to clear my driveway. Normally, I just use my four-wheel-drive vehicle to compact the snow and make paths for parking. According to a study I made up for this post, it is the most-utilized way of handling driveway snow by Cape Codders. It is a trademark of locals - kind of like not using the front door, or road rage.  What happened?  The plow got stuck in my driveway and proceeded to leave a four foot by ten foot mountain of ice and snow in front of both my vehicles.

It goes without saying that I am all done with winter. To make matters worse, my sister[2], has smartened up and lived the majority of her adult like in New Mexico, Florida, and most recently, Georgia. She decided to clear out most of her Facebook friends by posting the following:


Just when I was doing so well with my anger issues.

So winter, if you’re reading this, no one likes you. Go away. What’s that? People like snowmobiling and skiing? True. But people do a lot of stupid things. I have stuff to do. You’re cool when you visit football games, but that’s about it.  We need you to leave.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I have to keep researching how to move to Florida.

- (A very cold) Grumpy boy out.


[1]Despite my previous post about enjoying time with my daughter, no parent would deny they love kid-free time.

[2]For the record, she was raised in the Northeast, went to high school in Maine and college in Colorado.

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