Didn't you Know?

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Didn’t you know the signs or did you ignore them? Did you put love over reality facing you?

You put your dreams of a happy marriage with children, a home, and having a wonderful husband in front of deciding with your heart and not your mind that it felt wrong.

Didn’t you know that it was not normal with his drinking? What did you have in common besides being happy when you were with him? Didn’t you notice you let go of your friends and became isolated?

Walking down the aisle to marry was not as thrilling and exciting as you expected. The smile on his face and glow in his eyes were not there. But, you were married.

The years made you an enabler making your two daughters live in confusion, fear, and abuse. Allowing his actions brought him deeper into his addiction. Fourteen years too late, leaving scares on everyone, you divorced. You kept the blinders on for too long.

After losing your husband and one daughter from their alcohol and drug addiction, you became an author and motivational speaker about substance abuse. It was not something in your plans being younger. 

You entered a dark world. The lights come on when you reach out to other addicts. Maybe, just maybe, my words will help people fighting the same disease giving them hope for recovery.

Didn’t you know when it’s too late for your loved ones? Now, I have the knowledge and education on this demon that I wished I had when I was younger. 


Will my talks save others? Will it open eyes for families to act on the disease instead of ignoring the signs? Do we wait too long that our lives and marriages can’t be put together again? Do we hold on so many years that our children continue down the same path?

How and when do we stop this merry-go-round? Education right from grammar school to the highest level of classrooms. Children are never too young or ignorant on this topic. They probably know more than us. 

Don’t be blind or deaf to the older generation or people, who have lived through the pain of watching a loved one die from alcohol and drugs, trying to help you. Don’t think it won’t happen to you. Stop the generation of families, year after year, watching a family member out of contol and doing nothing about this problem. 

Marijuana is another path with addiction. It’s just beginning.

Alberta Sequeira

Author and Speaker
[email protected]

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