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Ronnie who?




I'm sure he won't mind.

Cliven Bundy's family claims that because his family arrived in Nevada in the 1880's they have an ancestral claim to the land he is grazing on for free, and, therefore should be allowed to use it even though it belongs to all Americans, not just his family.

No one should say he should not be there, nor should anyone presume to decide who can use the land.

Ted Cruz vs Ted Cruz

Going back to Saint Ronald (let’s just ignore the many bad thing he did that messed up the country from raising taxes to Iran-Contra) Reagan, the law on the books requires any hospital receiving federal funds must treat anyone who comes into the Emergency Room whether or not they have insurance or the money to pay for treatment.

Someone owes US rent.


All analogies limp, so I make no pretense that this one is perfect.

Could be showtime



Things don’t look good for John Boehner.

There is a revolution brewing in the House of Representatives, and the Tea Party crowd wants to oust Boehner as Speaker.

He is not conservative enough.

Eric Cantor appears to be the chosen one, provided, of course, that he promises to bring aboard a conservative deputy.

Another wrong prediction

Read a caution recently that we need to watch states like Colorado because it will be undeniable that within three months from the beginning of the legal use of pot in that state, all hell will break loose with troopers from neighboring states spending a lot of time pulling people over for driving while high.

President before his time.



Well, it’s been quite a few years now.

If you are under 20, you never knew him while he was alive.

If you are under 40, he had already resigned the presidency, so Richard Nixon is just some dead president that you know about from history class when you were told about Watergate and the resignation thing, but that is probably about it.

UN Report

The recent UN Human Rights Committee's report focuses on violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the United States does not come out too well when it comes to human rights violations.

Two faces of Boycotts.

Conservative Christians: Practicing free speech while defending the Constitution because they are concerned value voters who hate sin.

Progressive Gays: punishing free speech by attacking the constitution because they are a bunch of bullying fascists who hate America,

Example of supported boycotts:

And we know what happened to Rome

Re: McCutcheon:

Suffragia pecunia emere, ac vendere: et abusus irrepserunt definiendis iacerentur ad comitia amet.

Deinde ad hanc corruptionem expandit feret.

Deinde exercitus, tandem publica imperatorum imperio subiiciuntur.