When Bill Clinton got elected president instead of George HW Bush, the GOP went nuts. They didn’t get what they wanted so they vowed to get Bill impeached. They were willing to usurp the decision of the voters to get their way.

They began with an investigation of an investment deal that they hoped would bring him down, and after years and millions of dollars found out about a blow job in the White House and latched onto that for their reason for impeachment because the other thing just failed..

It was nowhere near what they claimed they were spending taxpayer money on, but since nothing else came up, that blow job would do.

They could switch the rationale from violating the constitution and his oath of office and go after a moral thing.

Then George W Bush came in and they settled down a bit. He could do no wrong, and, it turned out, other than two wars, squandering a surplus, initiating a huge economic recession, and beginning a huge decline in employment, he could be ignored as there was very little to crow about. In subsequent elections he was pushed aside as if he did not exist so the GOP could invoke a revisionist Ronald Reagan and, for some odd reason, avoid any other Republican who was president from the 1950’s to the present while mentioning Harry Truman as their other idol.

They put all their hopes on McCain and Pallin, appealed to small mindedness, but lost anyway. Just like when they lost the White House to Clinton, they had to destroy the winner. He was not American; he was a Muslim; he was not legitimately elected; he had been involved in local politics which no other president had ever been; he was someone from whom America needed to be taken back; he was not “our” president; and he had to fail so he would not get re-elected.

There was a crisis that needed to be dealt with. Counting on people’s animosity toward another (and don’t give me the crap that any signs of racism were imaginary. If you do you are either blind, have selective sight, or are an outright liar), the GOP rejected any proposals that might have helped the situation, even those that were their own word for word. And, abandoning their job of doing what was best for the citizens, instead, did whatever would make the president look like a failure and the GOP look good.

Both the GOP and the Heritage Foundation wanted Healthcare reform and mentioned those things that would be best for it. Obama gave them that, and then they opposed it. Had Bush come up with Bushcare, it would have been the single most important and beneficial law in American history.

They even pulled the fast one of insisting that the Heritage Foundation’s individual mandate be removed or the GOP would oppose healthcare reform, then announced, once it was removed, that they would have accepted healthcare reform if that mandate had been part of it.

The opposition began with mythological death panels that would decide if your grandparents lived or died.

Heroes of the opposition were those CEO’s who declared they would work against their own employees to ensure the Affordable Care Act would be hated by them, but they have since begun changing those actions as the PR was beginning to kill them.

States that opposed the plan and refused to make it work used the failures they created as proof of the intrinsic failures of the plan itself, while those states that implemented it as each step began, saw the success. The red states starved the baby, then declared the proof of its being sick was its loss of weight.

But the GOP really, really wanted the ACA to fail. They attempted 42 repeals while ignoring other vital bills that should have been dealt with. They ignored anything to do with jobs and defeated an increase in the minimum wage. They did what they could to keep the money at the top while telling the middle class that it would all trickle down somehow, and that the money was needed by the job creators who would create the jobs that would re-employ them. And then they turned around and claimed that the ACA was killing jobs when it was they who were doing that.

The other things they did to ensure failure?

Refused to expand Medicaid. Approximately 9.7 million of the 15 million potentially eligible adults live in states that are refusing this expansion.

Refused to create state insurance exchanges. Residents will still be able to buy insurance through the federal exchange, but without cooperation and promotion from state officials.

Blocked improvements to the law. With any law certain things that could be fixed come to light at the implementation. However, when the Obama administration decided to delay the employer mandate when it was seen that such adjustments were needed to that mandate, the GOP jumped on that and misrepresented it as a sign of total failure instead of an instance where a simple change could strengthen the law.

Publicized misinformation. The GOP presented misleading numbers by leaving out the federal subsidies when they presented figures about the cost of insurance premiums.

Discouraged private partnerships. When the White House turned to such entities as the NFL to help educate the public, as was done with Romneycare and the Red Sox in Massachusetts, the GOP wrote letters discouraging that.

Refused to assist constituents. They have also indicated that they won’t help confused constituents navigate the law or access benefits who call their congressional offices either in Washington or their home districts.

And, now that they are beginning to lose the battle as people get information, and their constituents are finding that the oddly named insurance programs they find to be better than what they have been led to believe was Obamacare, the carefully chosen name to draw a negative connection with whatever the reason is for their hatred of the president, is actually Obamacare, they are so intent on taking their ball and going home, they are willing to close down the government to extort support for what they want.

The health care of the American people is being held hostage. Either let the GOP have its way and win in their obsession to stop the Affordable Care Act, or all federal activity will stop. No Social Security checks for the elderly or disabled, no food stamps for those who need them, no mail delivery, no salary payments to the armed forces, no assistance to the families of the armed forces,  no nothing that relies on the federal government to happen.

And, why? So the spoiled little brats called the GOP can have their way. They aren't winning the game, so since they can't change the rules, they are just going to take your hat and play keep away until we let them win.

Childish anarchy.

I know there will be those who will defend this childishness in a knee-jerk defense because they have been told what to think. but I guess they are also the ones who won't complain if someone breaks into their homes and steals things like computers, televisions, stereos,  you know, the big ticket items because it will make it more convenient if they move as they will have less stuff to pack and carry.   

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