Perhaps the question “Why the sudden increase in the border crossings by Central American children?” has an answer we do not want to accept.

First, very few, if any, events, especially big ones, have one single cause. To think so is rather naïve. It might be easy and convenient to accept that great events have one cause, but most things come about because of a number of events that lead up to them.

World War I did happen only because of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the Boston Tea Party was about more than the price of tea, and our Civil War had multiple reasons for happening.

It’s the nature of reality

The kids are fleeing the murderous drug cartels, their inter-gang wars, sex trafficking and sexual assault, and the threat of being killed if they do not work for the cartels as mules.

Parents aren’t just walking their kids to the edge of town and pointing North. They are doing what they can to protect their children from the horrible conditions that exist in drug cartel controlled areas.

They see the United States as a welcoming place for their kids to escape to.

They accept American Exceptionalism.

And if you are so naïve not to understand the role sex trafficking plays when it comes to heavy duty drug trafficking, then you really have no concept of certain realities.

The parents are desperate and have fallen for the sales pitch of those who claim they can bring their children to the welcoming bosom of the United States for a price. Who of us hasn’t fallen for a good sales pitch at one time, or another?

Who of us wouldn't do what we think is best for our children even if we have it all wrong?

And why the sudden surge in the drug cartels and the product they produce and push?

Look no further than the opiate problem here in the United States.

Supply and demand.

The free market system.

We need the product. They can produce it and feed the need, and will do what it takes to do that and protect their profits.

Chicago during prohibition comes to mind, except this is not domestic.

.So maybe if we found a way to reduce our country's dependency on their product, the cartels would lose their power, they would become less of a threat, and there would be no reason for parents to get their kids out of harm's way, as the number of people producing that harm would decrease.

So why are these kid coming to the United States to get away from the cartels?

Because we keep the cartels in business, and they run their businesses in the way that is most profitable for them.

Legalize and regulate marijuana like we do tobacco products and alcohol, and the dealers cannot control the supply and move even the casual user up to something harder with the promise that it is okay and not worth a worry because they are "temporarily" out of what the customer went to them for..

Pot only became illegal because with an acre of pot producing the same amount of paper as an acre of trees, and with an acre of pot being able to re-grow in an obviously shorter period of time than a forest of trees, people like William Randolph Hearst who was heavily invested in paper producing forests used his newspapers to promote eliminating the competition to his investment.

There may be reasons why the United States is a destination for kids escaping harm, but if we reduce that harm they will have no reason to flee.

If we don't take responsibility for our role in the reasons for the drug trafficking that is causing these kids to come here, then we are not being honest and we will seem to just enjoy having something to complain about and use as a political football.

Looking for one simple, all inclusive answer for the surge of border crossers and the gvetching about how that is negatively affecting this country, is ridiculous.

We need to look at the broader picture and actually do something to solve the reasons why these kids are fleeing their home countries.

But something tells me we would prefer to pretend we are serious and will continue to do nothing beyond making political hay.





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