Misusing the troops

President Obama, who is following a law signed in 2008 by George W Bush, in attempting to deal with the constraints of that law is looking for places to house the thousands of unaccompanied children who do not come from countries that share a border with the United States.

Those who comfortably claim they love liberty and Jesus when things are running rather smoothly, have suddenly turned against the Christian tradition of helping those less fortunate as they attack buses, scream at minor children, and talk about them in dehumanizing terms.

Up here on Cape Cod they have been referred to as "a Brown Tide of poor children crossing into America".

President Obama has asked Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick if he can help find a housing location, and the most logical place right now is Camp Edwards on Upper Cape Cod and, according to its own web site is

“located on the 22,000-acre Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) on Upper Cape Cod. The MMR is an expansive, secure campus easily accessible from major centers in the Northeast, including Boston, Providence, Portland, Manchester, Albany, Hartford, and New York City.
Camp Edwards is the largest training area in the Northeast. Its 15,000-acre training area hosts units from Massachusetts and throughout the region".

It’s a logical place to put some of these kids, but reason is in short supply.

The governor has agreed that this would be a reasonable place, and in response we get a stream of anti-immigrant child rhetoric.

We have the ridiculous sky is falling claim that the Bourne Public Schools will be overrun with these children in spite of it having been clearly stated that any education would take place on the base.

And then we have those who claim that this isn't true because when FAMILIES of SERVICEMEN were stationed there, their kids were in the Bourne schools, ignoring the false equivalency between servicemen's children and this special case of unaccompanied refugees, as that is what many are.

We have people rewriting the facts of Ellis Island as they ignore that from the time the immigrants left Europe they were by today's laws illegal until they were processed there. That is the process that is being followed here, but the system is overwhelmed.

And we no longer have a central place like Ellis Island to do the processing

Look what is being suggested in Texas, a bastion of Christianity and a place where the money that could have been set aside for the poor went into building mega-churches.

House Republicans are recommending that the National Guard head to the border to face off against the children.

We all melted when we saw pictures of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan being tender toward the children in those countries who were needy, and now we are going to send them to be the opposite with the kids from Central America.

Of course, it is important to ignore that the conditions that exist in Central America are necessarily the product of a natural evolution, but are pretty much the results of how people not from Central America treated the area from the Spanish exploitation during colonization, the United States creating a country so we could build a canal, very recently picking sides in a civil war and arming one side better than another, and having a poorly thought out and reactionary war on drugs that has increased a dependency on the drugs that are produced and controlled by the least desirable people in those countries.

Governor Perry of Texas wants the National Guard and Predator drones to deal with the flow of children.

And if that doesn’t happen?

Representative Louie Gohmert, who is known for some wild plans and opinions, compared the flow of unaccompanied children to the D-Day invasion of France, and wants Governor Perry to use troops, ships of war, or taxes to “stop the invasion.”

“Even with $3.7 billion that’s requested, there’s no way for what’s being called for is going to stop the invasion that’s occurring. That’s why I’m hoping that my governor will utilize Article 1, Section 10, that allows a state that is being invaded — in our case more than twice as many just in recent months, more than twice as many than invaded France on D-Day with a doubling of that coming en route, on their way here now under Article 1, Section 10, the state of Texas would appear to have the right, not only to use whatever means, whether it’s troops, even using ships of war, even exacting a tax on interstate commerce that wouldn’t normally be allowed to have or utilize, they’d be entitled in order to pay to stop the invasion.”

Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution provides that “[n]o state shall, without the consent of Congress, . . . engage in war, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.”

Is he saying these kids are the same as an invading army and that we should shoot at them and bomb them if they keep coming?

Sounds like it.

Gohmert is one of that group who believes this unprecedented migration is a plan to get more Democrats elected through the votes of the children, most of whom are under 10.

Of course, this won’t happen if we can pick them off at the border.

I hope that, unlike in other places, this humanitarian crisis brings out our better selves as opposed having our own version of Oracle, Arizona up here at the Canal, or, worse, has us reliving the ugliness of Busing in Boston.

In the meantime, let's all just speculate on the worst case scenarios, assume them to be true, even if that means ignoring the information we are being given, and then rant and rave on the fiction.

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