Independence Weekend 2013 & A Red Headed Woodpecker

      Independence Day, the Fourth of July, A day to remember our freedom. To think that it all began here on Cape Cod this revolution thing, folks trying to escape what they felt to be oppressive rules and regulations and the desire to worship as they chose and not have to worry about being told where they had to worship. We think, that this was the only reason all of the Pilgrims came here, no so fast though, some wanted a new business venture like Steve Hopkins, others want freedom of Monarchy rule and their unjust taxation, some just wanted an adventure and a new beginning. What each one wanted was a little different, some held some things in common and others very little. But they all were starting it here in the new America. Who knew at that point what was to come down the road, but as they say, one thing led to another and wham bam, no thank you mam, and the war with the east was on. I'm not going to bore you or give you some lengthy history lesion and insult your intelligence, you can go back an read the history books yourself if you need reminding. But what I am reminding you is that it all started here on the Cape. Yup, good old Cape of Cod.
      This year I am hoping to be celebrating by putting my new grill together, sealing my deck and putting together another bookshelf. Then finishing it off with a trip to a good beach around Lewis Harbor to watch some fireworks. It has many years since I have seen any fireworks here on the Cape and look forward to fighting the crowds and just relaxing to the red, white and blue sparkles and a bunch of boomers. I could stay home and watch the Boston Pops on TV but that is just not the same. There is something about getting out and enjoying all the festivities with other people. There is something about sharing our heritage of Independence with others who enjoy these same freedoms that I do. We might not all agree politically, we might not see eye to eye religiously, we may come from different economic classes, but what we do share in common is our love for our country. So no matter where you are at, the Cape, New England, the Mid-West, or even that foreign land call the West Coast, I encourage you to get out this weekend and stand with your fellow American to honor our Independence.
      Now if you are on the Cape, don't let it stop there, take a few day trips around the Cape and experience history. Experience what was the beginning of our country. Whether up in Provincetown or down to Chatham, across to Falmouth or up to Sandwich, We might even let a few cross over the canal and go up to Plymouth. This area is so filled with history that you could spend endless days traveling and seeing all that is around that, well, you could just end up living here to try to learn it all and still come up short, and to think a lot of it is free. So as this summer moves past this wonderful celebration, be sure to continue living it with visits to the Cape and all that it has to offer. From canal to tip and everything in between, this is part of the beginning of what we now call The United States of American.
      What can I say, I love being a part of this, it's fun, I have so much I want to do, and still not enough time to do it in, even living here. And easy? no, it's not easy, but I am not complaining. Yes there are some days that are hot and sticky, and some days that we have more snow that where I moved from. The house is not perfect and needs some work, but I'm here, living on Cape Cod, through Independence Day 2013. So blessed, both to be in the great USA but to be here on Cape Cod, making my own memories, my how history. To He who has allowed it to happen, To He who has provided, I give thanks. I will go check on the light house lamp and make sure it's lens is spotless, and the wick is trimmed, on ya and the oil tank is filled, yup and the fog horn works. Before I forget, open houses are happing all over at the Cape Light houses, check out their schedule and go take a tour or two or three or more. It's is well worth your time. Now until we meet again,, have a grand old, safe and wonderful Independence Day and long weekend.
      This weeks recipe is just a downright fun one. One of the first things I encountered when I moved into my home was the sound of a woodpecker thinking he was going to find a meal on my house. 3 taps and my holler must have been enough for him to figure there was nothing here to eat and heaven knows it did not want to be around some crazy hippy with a big mouth. Funny I have heard him all around the neighborhood, but never back at my house. Ok so after reading the ingredients I have figured it out that you drink one too many of these and the next day your head is going to feel like a Woodpecker has been pecking at your head. So enjoy but be forewarned don't see any red heads while your drinking and you won't have to worry about a head pecker the next day. Please drink responsibly and have a wonderful Independence weekend. Now on with the show.

      This weeks recipe: a Red Headed Woodpecker

  •       2      oz      coconut rum
  •       1      oz      amaretto
  •       2      oz      orange juice
  •       2      oz      apple juice
  •       2      oz      cranberry juice

      In a shaker filled with ice, layer all ingredients except cranberry juice. Shake well and pour contents into a Hurricane Glass, top off the drink with cranberry juice until drink turns red. Most recipes do not call for any garnish, but hey if it has a red head, my thinking is top it with something red if you wish. Bottoms up. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on