What gets you remembering & Crock-Pot Pizza

      Sunny days and cool nights, almost makes you want to live here, Oh ya wait a minute I do, Woo-Hoo. Over 48 summers ago, I started coming to the Cape. Over 40 I really started to purse the drive to move here. Last August 2012 it all came true and my dreams of making this place home became reality. Really? Really!, Is it easy, heck no, but is it worth it heck yes. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it is not a dream or worse that I am about to wake up and find it all a nightmare. But after last night leaving the windows open and finding the inside of the house at 55 degrees at 6:30am I can tell you, it's no dream. LOL, but seeing the blue sky from my bed and seeing the sun peek in across the hall into my office was notice it was real and I was living what I have hopped for, for years.
      Cape Cod, a summer time child hood playground of sand and sun and fun. Where cares of the world did not exist and the only worries I had were when to get up, when was Mom going to fix lunch and dinner, and how soon could I go to the beach to play and swim. Than evenings would come and time to go out into the driveway with a beach lounge and lay down and look up into the sky and watch the full moon slowly slip across the sky and see how many stars I could count. After a while Mom would come out and either bring me a sweet shirt or light jacket so I didn't get cold. And if it was extra cool, she would bring out a mug of hot chocolate or hot tea. I remember on many occasions watching meteor showers or on others seeing shooting stars and wondering where they all came from or where they were going in such a hurry. But than again, I wasn't so why were they?
      Thinking back sometimes like although has many happy memories, it brings sadness to me, knowing that I never had the opportunity to give back to my Mother what she did for me up here on the Cape and how much she sacrificed for us to be here. At age 58 she passed away in 1988 after an 8 year bout with cancer, about 3 - 4 different kinds. One of the last memories of her here on the Cape was when I drove her up here in my OLD Regency 98, I remember her saying it was one of the nicest drives she had had. Even when I locked the keys in the car by mistake on I-80 in Pennsylvania and had to find someone with a coat hanger to pop the locks, she was cool and calm about it. I remember her a few years later when I was married and with our daughter. Mom was so sick, but she always had a smile on her face and was always glad to see her grand-daughter. I can see Mom sitting in her chair and either knitting or working on a piece of needle point there in the cottage. There are some times that memories although very pleasant evoke some very sad feelings.
      A couple of weeks ago I had the joy of hosting my Father here at my house. How many years have I waited for that moment. It was fun to see he take wife to different places to share with her. And to see him light up at a platter full of Cook's Fried Clams or see him enjoy some Cape Cod Creamery Ice Cream. I could have kept him here for more than the 8 days they were here for, but she needed to go back to work and Dad had things he needed to do around the house. Who says life is dull and boring at age 86. Just one way I know how to say thank you Dad for allowing me so many memories over the years.
      From cool nights to starry skies and full moons over Nantucket Sound, all evoke so many memories. Carefree days, to Mom, to fishing with Dad, to our daughter being able to know her grandmother. I'm here, living what once was a dream to living what is reality. No not all fun and games, not all is carefree, but it is filled with starry skies, and full moons over Nantucket Sound. Sunsets off Gray's Boardwalk and cool evenings with salt in the air and hot tea in my hands. I have been blessed, I am blessed, to have experienced and to now be living, Cape Cod. So what brings up or evokes your Cape Cod memories? Share them with someone, and let those memories live on.
      I will go check the oil in the light house lamp, clean the lens and trim the wick. I'll even give the old fog horn a blast to clean the cob webs out. Hope you had a wicked good summer, and hope you made it for a visit. Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it everyday on old Cape Cod.
      Everyone likes pizza so this recipe comes in right near the top of the food chain. Ok I admit, my weakness is seafood and not pizza, than again I have been told that my favorite food is any food that does not eat me first. This recipe would work great for a football Saturday or Sunday meal. Put it on in the morning and by half time of the first game, you have good eats ready for everyone. So check this one out, it is easy to manipulate and add or delete items to your tastes which makes it even more of a winner in my recipe box. Have a great time with this one and hope it becomes a regular for you and yours. Now on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Crock-Pot Pizza

      1-1/2   lb.      Hamburger
      1           each  green pepper chopped (size? you pick)
      1/2       box   rigatoni macaroni
      1           pkg   pepperoni
      10        oz      cheddar cheese, shredded
      1          each   onion, chopped (size? you pick)
      16        oz      pizza sauce
      1          jar      sliced mushrooms or canned, or fresh chopped
      10        oz      mozzarella cheese

      Brown hamburger with onion and drain. Cook macaroni in boiling water until done. Arrange in a crock pot in layers starting with hamburger and ending with cheese on top. Repeat until all ingredients have been added and cheese on top again. Cook for 3 to 4 hour on low or until cheese is melted.  

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