Cape Cod Baseball and More & Spanakorizo

      So are you ready for some Baseball? Well the season is on as of Tuesday the 12th. If you spend much of any time on the Cape through the summers months you are well familiar with the Cape Cod Baseball Summer League. One of the premier summer leagues for guys in college looking to make it to the big leagues. If I am correct this league has sent more players to the MLB percentage wise than any other summer league. From the Falmouth Commodores to the Chatham Anglers to the Orleans Firebirds, the Brewster Whitecaps and 6 more teams around the Cape, you go on almost any given night. Check out their website at for team and town info, schedules and more about the league. I know of folks around the Cape who have lived here for years and have never been to a game. This is a treasure that is very unique from many other vacation destinations, and especially with the caliber of players we get. Something I did not know about the league is that this is there 133rd season of playing and will play a 44 game season. So this summer as you are planning your vacation to do list, make sure you put on the list a Cape Cod League baseball game and go see the stars of tomorrow today. 

      I remember going outside with my Dad when we were on vacation and he would take the time to teach me how to throw a baseball, a frizbee, a football. The street the cottage was on, was at the end of the line right before Old Wharf Rd. For many years you could drive in and out so we would have to dodge the occasional incoming or outgoing car. Then they closed it off and there was no traffic what-so-ever. So we got even more time together. My Dad was so patient, chasing balls, chasing errantly thrown frizbees, finding brooms to get stuff off the roofs when I was playing with my summer friends and we would get overly wildly with the throws. I will always remember those days and will cherish them till the end of time. This is some of why I so love the Cape and wanted to be make it part of my life. Although my kids are grown and away from the nest I still love having them here and doing things with them as it reminds me of those times I had with my Dad. I hope you can make special times with your kids, grandkids or even the nieces and nephews. We have so much to do besides the beaches, take time to get to know them and then from year to year add a few new things while keeping the old things that keep bringing you back. What memories are you going to make this year? I hope you have a great and wonderful doing them and we will see you around, at a baseball game, miniature golf course, or maybe even a nature trail. Here's looking forward to seeing you soon.    
      Small business reports, first up is Chatham Jam and Jelly Shop, Find them at 16 Seaquanset Rd Chatham MA, right on the corner with Rt 28. Also on the web at, on facebook, Tumbler and a few others. Chatham Jam and Jelly has been around for some time like 1983, their shop hours are Monday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. If you go to there website you can also find many places around the Cape that carry their products, including my friends up at Truro Vineyards. If you want to take something that is truly Cape Cody this is it. Get it for yourself, get them as special occasion items, get them as welcome gifts or any other kind of gifts, and yes they ship so send them all over for holidays and anniversaries. These are some of the tastiest treats here on Cape Cod and you will enjoy them to the very last bite. 
      Another one of my all time favorites is The Local Scoop located at 34 MA-6A, Orleans, right off the Orleans rotary just past the light to Stop and Shop. Also online at, on facebook and twitter. You will also find them at farmers markets through the summer and craft shows and festivals. They have some of the best ice cream pops around and yes they even have  couple that are for just us adults, and darn are they tasty. They have a great Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Bar at the shop and they can even do evens like birthday parties, office parties or parties at the ball games if that is what you want. I'm telling you, your kids will like this place but I'm not so sure you will like it even better than your kids. Check out The Local Scoop for a fantastic treat. 
      Last but not least on todays listing is Beef Jerky Outlet, found at 25 MA-28, West Yarmouth, or online at or on facebook or twitter. They are  located in the Christmas Tree Shop across from the Cape Cod Inflatable Park. They have one of the largest selections of Jerky that you will ever see. They have Jerky in all types of meat from you standard Beef to exotic Elk and more. I will give you a warning, if you like jerky this place could become habit forming and if you have a father who loves jerky what a place to get him a gift card to. I have to be careful how often I go, lest I be spending money I don't have on this pure joy of jerky. So while you are out and about stop by and pic up some great tasty jerky, for the beach, for the fishing trip or just while out watching a Cape Cod Baseball League game.    
      So a hi-ho to all you out there, I am so happy to have met those of you who choose to come up there this past weekend and spend some time at the quarters and tower. We had a steady flow of folks going up to the Candle room and got an up close and personal meeting with the beacon and a lovely panoramic view of our wonderful Cape Cod. Now I will say that the beacon is not as exciting as what it used to be when we had the Fresnel Lens 4th order. Now those were a work of art and something to look at. But sadly enough most are gone, but the happy news is if you want to see one still in use today, we here in New England have one at the oldest Lighthouse in the US in the Boston Light, and yes they do, do tours. So if you want some weekend go take a trip there after you have come and visited us. That wouldn't be right to see them first, when I'm the one telling you about it. Anywy, the weather is slowly getting getter, and we see even more warming into next week, so there is no excuse now for not coming and seeing us. I know a few of you still have kids in school but that is ending soon and what a great place to escape to. The water is slowing coming up and although it is not late August temperatures yet the beaches are in full mode for sunbathing, kite flying, and ball tossing. I have also been working on getting the rest of the Frizbee Golf course done and should be ready to go within the next week. We will have a donation box out as it does cost to upkeep the grounds, however we are not going to charge at this time. The boating is well underway and we the marina is pretty filled up. So as you day boaters come, please be mindful of those who moor their boats and just take your time getting out of the channel. Also keep an eye open at the mouth and for the first 100 or so yards out for seals. They seem to continue to populate and move further up the coast line, which also for you swimmers that this creates a tasty buffet for our friends the sharks. So just be mindful of your surroundings while you have fun on and in the water. Well I guess I have taken up as much of your time as needed for this week. You have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod, and maybe next time I will let the kid get in a word or two. LOL Until next time ya'll.          
      Well this month we are back to the hot side dish and this one I think works pretty well for late spring early summer. However here on the Cape I am still wondering if we are ever going to get to summer. We are just going to go from winter, to pollen to summer, no spring, So I need something that is going perk things up and remind me that summer really is coming and I am looking totally forward it. So, let's take a look at this and note that you are getting a whole bunch of healthy here, just don't tell the family some of them might not eat it. So look it over and mix it up then service it out and don't tell them what's in it until you know they all enjoy it. Then you can laugh together about some of the ingredients. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Spanakorizo
      1      lb         Fresh Spinach, washed and cut
   3/4      cup      olive oil
      1      cup      water
      1      tbs       parsley, chopped
      2      med     onions, chopped
      1      tsp       tomato paste
   1/2      cup      rice uncooked
      Saute in oil until soft. Add tomato paste and spinach. Stir. Add water to cover and bring to a boil. Add seasonings. Add rice. Cover and simmer until rice is cooked. 
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