New Year on Cape Cod & a Lost Bikini Cocktail

      Well we started another year, a new beginning, time to hit the restart button with new outlooks and new adventures. Living here on the Cape just means we enjoy another off season and ready ourselves for the coming preseason, another high season, and hopes of finishing with an outstanding second season. But past that, other than making it through winter Nor'Easters and and winters whipping winds, beach erosion to the point of changing the landscape of the Cape really not much else is different than any other place. We all have those things, to do better for ourselves, to live healthier lives, to makes changes where we need to and do better spiritually and in relationships. The only difference is we live on the Cape, a place with constant change and constant no change. While the rest of the world speeds forward the Cape remains hardened in the past, only for many to wonder why business and young folk don't want to stay or bring business back onto the Cape vs looking off Cape and even worse out of Massachusetts all together. As we start this new year let's look for ways to work together to move the Cape forward into the 21 century while keeping the charge that all of us want to keep the Cape as. We can not expect to survive if we continue to deny the future just to hold on to a dying past that will take us all in time. Life on the Cape is great and wonderful, even in the cooler, colder months, but may we, not only in our personal lives but in the public ways, and from Canal to P'town find a way to help grown this great place so that our youth and new business can and want to come, survive and help the place we call a little spot of heaven on earth continue for a long time to come. Please make Cape Cod your vacation destination and may we who live here year round make it a destination for our future generations to come. Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it on old Cape Cod.  

      This week's business report is on our local town Orleans. Located on the north side of the Cape on the inside of the elbow off exit 12 of Rt 6, with both 6A and RT 28 running through it and converging at the Orleans rotary. Most of the business in downtown Orleans are open most of the year if not all year. Over the summer and warmer months into fall there has been construction on the town streets and utility work have had the streets dug up and if you are not aware that there are many of these businesses have back door parking and entrances off those back parking lots. As always google or call the the business you are wondering about to see what their off season hours are then go visit and support them. 
      Some of the businesses that I know for sure are open are Restaurants , Guapo's (just before downtown) Mahoney's Atlantic Bar and Grill, Rock Harbor Grill, Land Ho, The Beacon Room, The Lost Dog (at the round about the point in front of Christmas Tree Shop), and many more. There is a lot to choose from in Orleans when it comes to variety and good eating. Or for something warm to drink there is Hot Chocolate Sparrow, Chatham Cafe & Bakery, and for a good breakfast Hole-in-One. As far of shops, we can start with Watson's Style LLC, this is a mens clothier that covers all seasons and all needs. Don't count them out, and don't think they are just for old fogies, they are up to date and with the times. Also Snow's Home & Garden, (check their winter hours, not open Sundays). Oceana, Cape House Hallmark Shop, Canterbury Leather (out in front of Wendy's), Westies, Stephen Gallent Jewelers, Hidden Gem, Earth House, Orleans Whole Food Store, Main Street Books, Main Street Wine and Gourmet Shop, Moppet Shop, Friends MarketPlace and More. Orleans does not completely roll up its carpets and run and hide when the summer season ends or even when second season ends. Orleans is considered one of the thee most walkable Main Streets on the Cape and does not quite just because the summer is past. So take the time to go Orleans, Eat, Shop, and take it home with you, Orleans has something just for you waiting to be explored during the off season.  
      Welcome back to a new year, I'm not sure who is the reporter here any more, myself or if this old guy has taken my place. Seems like every time I show up here to do another report or interview, I get met by his lovely wife and differed into the kitchen for something good to eat. Now let it be known I am not totally against being fed good, no, great food, but as it is more of a diversion from the job I am here to do I am wondering what am I really doing here. The other problem is that I think he does a better job at this then I do, so that scares me a little, but I am grateful to him for taking the time to do this more me. This old girl is his passion, his life, his drive, it gives him no greater pleasure than seeing others, especially younger kids, coming in and wanting to learn about how the lighthouses started and works, and what has transpired over the years. The old guy loves to talk about those ships that had issues and how the old lifeguard station men and the town residents would head down to the beach looking for any survivors and to get them into shore and give them comfort and aid. He knows his stuff and not only talks about his own Light tower but about the other lighthouses here on the Cape both present and past. I've been trying to stall long enough to see if I could get his attention as he has a group of kids he has been showing around the property. Even though the station is not open to the public this time of year he does schedule private tours for groups throughout the week. I'm sorry to say on one hand I don't think I am going to get anything from him this week, but the smiles on those he is enlightening is worth it all not to bother him. Well my friends, I do hope you stay tuned in and see what our Lighthouse keeper is up to and has to say. I don't think he is taking any trips this winter and we will have him all through the winter, or at least most of it. I hope you have enjoyed his reports in the past and look forward to seeing you through the year. As he would say, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on Old Cape Cod.      
      This year's cocktail recipes will be beach related, well sorta, all the recipes will be Bikini related in one fashion or another. I have done 2 other beach related themes but no bikinis, I have been on the high seas, pirates, weather, seasons, and one of my favorites cranberry related. But nowhere have I done something like this, and it's about time. So whether you wear one yourself, or only dream of the day you could if you would, or enjoy them any other way, this year will be your year. I hope you can see the fun in all this and just enjoy a good cocktail once in a while. And while we are all at it, let's remember a couple things, first be a responsible consumer, and be even a more responsible host. Friends don't let friends drink and drive, and those who do drink be responsible about it and save a life, it's not worth loosing your own let alone taking someone elses'. Shame we have to do this, but it's a must. One last thing, I do not list anyplace I get my recipes from as there are so many with the same name and similar ingredients, so unless I know it is a one and done, which I try to stay away from I leave it to you to google it and take no credit for it. Also I try not to use brand names but every now and then I just can't help it. But use your own judgement and what you like to drink these are all just suggestions not cast in stone. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Lost Bikini (because this time of year we could hope of finding it)
    3/4      oz      Galliano┬« herbal liqueur
    3/4      oz      amaretto almond liqueur
    1/2      oz      white rum
    1/2      oz      lime juice
      2       oz      mandarin juice
      Combined all ingredients in a shaker and shake. Then strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry or two. 
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