Staying Healthy & Onion Beer Roast Beef

      Tis the season to have the sniffles, snuffles, wheezes, and whatnots. Working at home I am very fortunate not to be around a lot of people, so my chances go way down. Until you count in Monday night Bible Study and Worship Team rehearsal, Church on Sunday morning followed by a run to the store. Oh then there is BJ's on Saturday and have to get there for the demo/tastings and maybe a stop at Starbucks and Christmas Tree Store. But the one thing I can get past is my co-office dweller, she wants to come into the office sick or well and wants to contaminate me as well. Oh wait that is the wife and I am kindda obligated to allow her into her office space in our home office. LOL, but let's face it, I really am lucky in that I don't have to go into an office where, the only reason we call in sick is for a sunny mental health day, why would anyone take off work for feeling bad, that's not fun. Or work in the child care industry, whether a toddler preschool program or up to high schoolers. Both are as bad as the other as parents need to work and kids need to be in school, and with it they bring all their crud and croup. However I will say my downfall comes when it is snowing like a bandit outside and schools and offices are closing, my boss really could care less what the roads look like and still expects me to sign in to my computer and work, healthy or not. Ok so the benefits are this, I don't have to be around other sick adults, I can go to work in my slippers and night attire, I can eat my cereal and drink my coffee and don't have to worry if I spill it. But I will say I do miss the camaraderie with my office mates, and the potlucks, but fighting the traffic driving into the office. Having the get up and hour before actual work time to get dressed, get my coffee, and then out the door I do not miss. So the work at home thing is helping me take of myself but where in the work did the other half pick it up and I am sure she will want to share it with me. No thank you, she can keep it. LOL. So what about you, have you been able to dodge the cold and flue bugs? Are you able to detour around or away from those hot spots? I hope so or if not I hope you are taking care of yourself. Be smart when taking those walks on the beach at lunchtime, or after work when you take your pooch for their afternoon walks, or just going to the stores. We might live on Cape Cod but we still have a lot of year rounders and we still can get sick. So do what you can, eat right, take your vitamins, and get plenty of rest. Ok so two out of 3 ain't bad, here is to staying healthy all winter, long. Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod, but please come healthy we don't want your germs LOLOLOLOL.        
      Small business report time; I have a newbie by the name of Washashore Bowties, find them online at, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more and at local craft fairs and artisan shows. I found them at Cape Cod Beer's Saturday show. Their specialty is bow ties, handmade, hand crafted ties. They will help teach you how to tie it if you have never owned one before. They also do dog collars and matching leashes. As we were talking they noted that they are looking at adding some additional lines of things for both the pet category as well as the bow tie and accessories part. Keep an eye out for these guys, they are fun and have some fun and unusual items available. 
      Another small business on the grow is Nautically-Northern Handmade Jewelry, find at, Facebook and Instagram. She has been going since 2016 and is starting to make headway into the local jewelry market and is being recognized by other groups. She has necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, and different styles of all and she is willing to work with to customize if you would like. Check Laurel out and her story online then seek her out and what she has to offer. 
      Last up, food world, what and where to go during the off season and is anything really open? Really is that a legit question, is anything open, wow do you live under a rock or buried under a sand dune? Ok I'm not talking Eastham, Wellfleet, or Truro, but hold on, there are even places out there that are open, like the Local Break in Eastham, Yes I have eaten there and it is a darn good place. It is homey and local in every sense of the word and just good down home grub, they are right off Rt 6 on the east side of the street. Then there is Hole-in-One and there are others. But I am talking about Orleans to Dennis Yarmouth to Hyannis to Mashpee or Sandwich to Falmouth. You are right if you say the number of places open from May through September are fewer, but there is so many good places you could eat a a different place every night of the week for more than two months maybe even three. So whether a great hamburger at Red Nuns in Dennis Port or good home cooking at Jasons. Guapo's in Orleans, or the Yarmouth House in West Yarmouth. Red Jacket also in West Yarmouth to Black Cat in Hyannis or what about PortSide Tavern. There are several varieties of restaurants in Falmouth and there are some nice opportunities in Sandwich. Folks, the list is so long that I could just spend a whole blog listing them all. So this winter, get out there and support one of our local eating establishments. We have them at all levels for all depths of wallets and purses. Hope to see you out there. Oh and no I don't have the money to eat out every night, so I am picky and choosy, but I do try to get out a couple times a month. So when I say I know a good deal I mean it.   
      Welcome back my friend to the little hut by the beach that is always occupied and working. Yup we are always on the go. This girl works through wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, and other stuff that heaven only knows what it is. We go whether the weather is good or bad, daytime or nighttime. clear or foggy, I think we even out do the postal service when it come to being on the go. Anyway, we have 2 primary functions, first to warn ships of the dangers off the shores and coasts of bodies of land. Second to landmark the coast and the harbors to guide the ships into the correct port of call. The life guard or life saving stations came after the lighthouses and were originally staffed by volunteers from the local communities nearby. After awhile there were in many areas where there were high concentration of shipping issues hired staff. But as time goes and advancement in technology those individual life saving stations joined together with what was known as the US Revenue Cutter Service that was actually formed in 1790, the US Lighthouse Services merged with these two in 1939 and came into what we now call and know as the US Coast Guard. (Check out the History of US Coast Guard on Wikipidia and You can also google history of the Coast Guard or Lighthouse Services for more information and to get it right as I am sure i screwed something up along the way). Anyway the point is we have been around a lot longer than most people think and we have been helping people find their way on both sea and land and eventually by air. Today most of the lighthouses have been modernized and are no longer maned by any staff. Also with the new GPS technology lighthouses are becoming less needed. Although if you ask a fisherman who has been out to see for a while seeing that light beacon when heading home is a real encouragement and to recreational boaters who do not have the latest and greatest technology, we are still the main source when weather changes happen and fog rolls in or when snow squalls kick up and create white outs. Today we are used a lot for weather reporting and tracking and other environmental tracking and monitoring scientific stuff. Yes stuff is a technical term around here. Anyway, these stations, towers and houses have been around for a long time. Here on the highlands and cliffs of the outer Cape we have been around since the last 1700s and are some of the oldest in the country. Check out Cape Cod or google lighthouses of CapeCod for more information on most present and past Cape Cod Lighthouses. Well, I hope I have peaked your interest in what we do and how we got here. I will continue to try to expand on our services here and what we do throughout the year and share a story or two of our humble light house and station and those along the Atlantic coast side of Cape Cod. Until next time have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      So tis the time of the month that we are on the main course, What to do that we have not done before or what can I offer that is not a repeat of prior years. Well I have enough recipes and cookbooks to keep me in business for years and not repeat the same recipe, maybe the same subject but not the same recipe. The thing is that I stay away from all cookbooks that are by any reputable chef, duo or group. second I stay away from the Internet as much as possible. I may take my cues from them but I do not copy them. If you find a recipe that either is very similar, or close to word for word it is pure coincidence and the place I got it must have copied or it was a pass around that got picked up. What I do love to steal from are churches, social groups, employee cookbooks, old newspaper clippings, and handwritten recipes. These are for the most part, tried and true recipes and normally are reasonable with the ingredients. Yes you can find like on line but I prefer getting my recipes that are more than 25 years old and the older the better. So in this years main event category again all are from my first go tos, the old (no younger than 25-30 years old) church, and social groups cookbooks. What is it you ask, Surf and Turf, odd numbered months are Turf and even numbered months will be Surf. I have a lot of good things, some I have already tried others I will be trying along with you. So hope you come back each 3 week for a main course and see what will inspire you do get busy cooking in a Cape Cottage Kitchen. Now on with the show:  
      This week's recipe: Onion Beer Roast Beef
   3-4      lb         roast beef (that's just 1 roast 3-4 lbs)
      1      can      beer, (please like wine only use what you would drink)
      1      can      water
      1      pkg      onion soup mix
                          fresh mushrooms, sliced (I like to mix my shrooms in recipes like this)
      Put all ingredients in with roast beef and cook in 350 degree oven, covered. Cooking time will vary depending on size of the roast and how well you done you like your roast. To help keep moist, baste every so often. The broth also make excellent gravy. 
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