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On to Fall..Goodbye Summer



Indian Summer is becoming a vision best kept for cold winter nights when all hope seems far away. Memories fade and scatter in details like the drifting sands on a windy day. Castles made on drifting sands filled with hopes and dreams soon return to their beginnings. On Cape Cod the seasons bring about choices and new visions of what is to come and what needs to be honored and enjoyed. It has been a season of wonder with warm sunny days and time that flew by way to fast. As Columbus Day weekend approaches I am reminded of what is to come. Beautiful new vistas are out there to be discovered.So get out and enjoy the colors and smells of Fall. Thanks to all the artists and businesses who filled our summer with Sand Art.!!!


Along the Breakfast Trail at The Cafe Chew

It's Fal​l and along Route 6a on Cape Cod one can experience some of the best memories by exploring the quaint little shops, and enjoying the ever changing scenes of nature with a picnic lunch or breakfast at a favorite or newly found scenic locations. ( and there are lots). One of my new found favorites is The Cafe Chew just off of Route 6a in Sandwich on Merchants Row just behind the Sandwich Post Office. Upon entering this eclectic cafe,I was welcomed by smell of fresh brewed coffee and their baked goods carefully placed on pedetsals beckoned me to come closer and perhaps partake of their deliciousness. I knew that I had made a good choice and my only difficulty was deciding on just want to taste and devour. Their breakfast as well as their lunch menus offer a wide variety of choices all prepared with careful detail to flavors and presentation. After much dilberation I decided on the "Italian Breakfast Sandwich" which was two fried eggs topped with carmelized onion, fire-roasted red pepper puree and fresh mozzarella on fresh telera roll served with herb and onion home fries. I placed my order and carefully decided on where to sit as I awaited delivery of what was to be the best breakfast sandwich on Cape Cod. The bread was so soft and fresh that it almost melted in my mouth and the combination of onions, peppers and mozzarella was savory and good. I have alway  said that a good cup of coffee can make or break a dining experience and their coffee was the best that I have tasted. It seems that the owners Bob King and Tobin Wirt surely do know how to please a weary traveler and this girl has found her go to spot to return to. My friend who usually orders her usual scrambled eggs decided to try the the "French Breakfast Sandwich" which included two scrambled eggs with Brie Cheese, fresh spinach and slice tomatoes served on a ciabatta roll with herb and onion home fries. She was speachless for a few seconds as she savored the blend of the carefully selected flavors and then announced this was the best sandwich that she had ever eaten. I have driven past this cafe several times but was always put off by the large crowd, often tourists who had seen the cafe on television shows like Chronicle and wanted to see if they were as good as they looked on television. One trip inside will keep you returning and wanting more. My only regret is that it has taken me so long to try out the Cafe Chew because last year I tried their "Pilgrim Sandwich" at the Fox's Zip Trip in Sandwich and was impressed by the their detail in presantion and ingredients with roasted turkey, sage dressing, cranberry mayonaise and lettuce on freshly baked cranberry-pecan bread. Thanks Cafe Chew you really know how to please your customers. My only wish is that you were closer to me.Thanks!!!!

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Along the Breakfast Trail at IHop for Criss-Croissant

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast because a good breakfast can be the building blocks to a great day. IHop does it good and I always love to sample the new changes to their menu and I couldn't pass up the chance to try a Criss-Croissant or two. So with my friend in tow we headed to IHop with a healthy appetite and an open mind. The Croisant was light and toasted in a waffle iron to crispy perfection and filled with a choice of Salted Caramel and Bannanas, Strawberry and Sweet Cream Cheese or  Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Scrambled Eggs with White Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese topped with a drizzle of Hollandaise Sauce. Whatever you choose, you won't be disappointed and for a few dollars more you can really make it a breakfast to remember. We opted to go all out and ordered the Ultimate Bacon and Sausage Combo which included 2 eggs, hash browns, 3 slices of bacon and 3 sausage links for under ten bucks which included a choice of Criss-Croissant. I ordered my eggs over medium because I love when you break the yolk and that creamy golden goodness coats your hash browns for some more savory goodness. Its heaven and when you don't have to clean up the dishes, its beyond that. I ordered the Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Scrambled Eggs with White Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese with a drizzle of Hollandaise Sauce. I know you are thinking right that this is too much eggs, but I wanted to take the croissant home for later and I did but not without trying it. It was the best like a good grilled cheese but better because the croissant was so crispy light and delicious and reheated later in my NuWave it was even better. For you savory lovers the other choices were equally awesome sweet and delicious. This experience left me with reconsidering some possiblities with my waffle iron this fall and I will keep you posted with recipes.Thanks IHop for another Great Breakfast!!


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Quahog Hunting For The Best Stuffed Quahog at Mattakeese Wharf

Summer is almost over but my quest for the best stuffed quahog continues and I believe that I found the best at Mattakeese Wharf in Barnstable off of Route 6a. As many Cape Cod Food Lovers know Mattakeese Wharf won for best chowder at the Cape Cod Chowderfest this year and they were the host for Doug the Quaghog's Summer prediction this year. I decided I needed some more of their great chowder and stumbled upon my favorite stuffed quahog of the season yet. What made it different was that it was simple and flavorable with linguica, onions and red peppers and the chef left some of the square croutons whole and drizzled in butter and broth. It sounds simple but it was oh so good and it made me wanting more. It also inspired me to try this myself when doing a stufffing at home. If you haven't been to Mattakeese Wharf, then you have got to make the trip because it more than just good food,they have an awesome view to set the back drop to a pleasant dining experience. Thanks Mattakeese I will be returning!! 

Expressing Our Way Through Lunch at The Riverway

The Riverway Lobster House in Yarmouth on Route 28 is serving up an express buffet lunch for 7.99 or 6.99 Lb for take out to get you in and back out there on the road this summer. The hours are 11 am until 2pm Monday thur Friday and the food is fresh and good, but limited in choice. I visited on a Tuesday and they offered fresh baked Haddock with breadcrumb topping, roasted baby potatoes, macroni and cheese, baked ham, hot dogs and fresh green beans. I tried the Haddock which was moist and delicious with a light lemony flavor and the fresh green beans were tender and made the meal complete. I also tried the roasted baby potatoes which were lightly seasoned and the Mac and Cheese offered that creamy goodness to my fish selection. For 7.99 I believe that I got an awesome deal with some good food and a chance to try the restaurant without spending a whole lot on money. Their selections change daily and they also offer a sandwich bar for 6.99.  I know that I will back to The Riverway Lobster House. and with a reasonable priced meal I was able to split their Chocolate Bomb desert with my friend. Thanks for a Great Meal !!!

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Ihop in Summer

They come a long way friends to make their breakfast one of best Along the Breakfast Trail. Usually the chain restaurants failed in some aspect in their presentation but not Ihop in Hyannis on Route 132. The coffee used to be weak and flavorless and I use to think that I would have to bring my own coffee in to enjoy a good breakfast but they have changed all that and the coffee has been consisitently delicious all year long. So with good coffee on hand my decision to visit Ihop is an easy one especially to try their new Paradise Pancakes with the eggs of my choice to make it complete. I decided on the Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes which were their Original Buttermilk Pancakes with fresh sliced bananas and top them off with a drizzle of butter rum sauce and toasted macadamia nuts. The sweet creamy pancakes were like desert after my eggs over well with crisy bacon, sausage and homefriies. My friend Naomi picked the Strawberry Passion Fruit Pancakes which were a taste of the tropics.They layered rich and creamy cheesecake between two of their famous Buttermilk Pancakes and top them with cool glazed strawberries, a passion fruit drizzle and a dollop of whipped topping. She had thought that she would save them for later but the pancakes had no chance of surviving a trip home. My other friend Dorothy made the trip complete as she decided on the Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes which featured grill sweet pineapple inside their famous Buttermilk Pancakes and top them off with butter rum sauce, a maraschino cherry and creamy whipped topping. We all felt like we were on vacation, at least for the time we were enjoying our delicious breakfast. The waitress was awesome and the service was fast. Thanks Ihop for a great start to a beautiful day on Cape Cod!!!!

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Quahog Hunting For The Best Stuffed Quahog at Swan River Seafood

Stuffed Quahogs are just a great part of summer and when prepared with loving care, can be an awesome blend of savory stuffing and fresh seafood. Swan River Fish Market in Dennisport on Lower County Road on your way to or from West Dennis Beach is the place to stop for some great seafood and don't miss out on their flavorful stuffed quahogs. Its not your typical frozen version of salty blandness. Their stuffing has a great seafood flavor with great small bites of quahogs and fresh ingredients, not overly salted or seasoned. It is on of my top 5 stuffed quahogs on Cape Cod. If you haven't stopped by, then you need to and will find some great seafood to make your your home dining experience a great one. I love their "Beach Bread" which is garlic bread with shredded cheese wrapped in foil ready for the oven or a hot day at the beach to create a garlic lover's fantasy. All you need is a glass of wine and some great seafood or a great fresh salad to make it complete. They will cook your lobster for you to save you the stress and mess if you choose. What could be better than a day at the beach and some great fresh seafood to take home or enjoyed at the beach.Thanks Swan River for great seafood and excellent service !!!

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Seafood Hunting at The Chatham Pier Fish Market

What could be better than fresh seafood with an awesome view of Chatham's seacoast. Chatham Pier Fish Market is located in Chatham overlooking Aunt Lydia's Cove on Barcliff Avenue. With a working fishing pier you can view some of the Chatham seals who also seem to know where to get some good seafood as they follow in the fishing boats hoping for a treat or two. I have often stopped by for a picture or two of those seals whom I think resemble a sort of seadog to me. If you are a seafood lover stop by the little shack off to the left and get some of the best tasting freshest seafood around at Chatham Pier Fish Market. They sell fresh and cooked seafood but don't plan on looking for chairs or tables. This great seafood was meant to be eaten on the road or in some special spot that you enjoy with a great scenery. I have gotten fresh and cooked seafood here and never have been disappointed. The Clam Fritters are light and fluffy with more of a seafood than clam flavor and they serve it with a "Bistro Sauce" which is a little like a Remoulade Sauce. It is delicious and creamy with a little bite and a great change from the typical Tarter Sauce. Their stuffed quahog is very good with a savory herb seafood stuffing with nice small bites of clams. And if you are feeling adventurous and love celey and lobster then get the Lobster Roll which is large and has a great fresh taste and when paired with a great view, it will make you make you feel like you died and went to heaven. So if you are out there seafood hunting give them a try and you won't be dissapointed. I have also learned that Remoulade Sauce is great with seafood and have included a link to a recipe. Mix together mayonnaise, chili sauce, mustard, olive oil, hot sauce, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir in scallions, parsley, olives, celery, capers, and garlic. Season with chili powder, and salt and pepper. Cover, and refrigerate. Or check out the recipes. Happy Seafood Hunting!!!

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Along the Breakfast Trail at 6A Cafe

Breakfast with the "The Gronk", what could be a better start to a great day ? It was everything and more than promised, but before we go any further let me just say that "The Gronk" was  a great breakfast sandwich with a fried egg, cheese, meatloaf, lettuce and tomato. It was a great change from the usual breakfast fare and very delicious. The homefries were also very delicious and lightly seasoned with a great taste. Naomi my scrambled egg expert ordered her usual scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries and marbled toasted and was totally satisfied. We found all this at The 6A Cafe in Sandwich on Route6A .They have some great selections on the menu and some great waitresses. You might think that it looks old and dingy on the outside but its clean and the food is definitely worth the stop. Thanks for a great breakfast!!!


Chowderfest 2016

36th Annual Chowderfest !! at the Cape Cod Melody Tent today and what great weather we had for it. Armed with spoon and ballot in hand, I shuffled through the crowd sipping and tasting some very good chowders and some new restaurants were on hand to offer their version of a great clam chowder. Clam Chowder is really a matter of taste and everyone wants a certain consistency to the broth and some people like seasonings and some don't. My favorite this year was last year's winner The Sailing Cow who presented a rich creamy clam chowder with some good clam flavor. The Sailing Cow serves up some great breakfasts with awesome breezes and view of the beach in Dennis. My second best was Mattakeese Wharf which had a lightly almost smoky flavored with a rich creamy base. The Matteese Wharf is a great restaurant with good views of Barnstable Harbour and some awesome stuffed quahogs as well other choices on their menu. Everyone worked so hard to prepare for this event and it was fun because of their hard work. In the process of sampling some chowder, I discovered some new restaurants that I have to start visiting as I travel around Cape Cod. All in all it was fun with some good music and cool breezes and Four Sea Ice Cream made it complete with some great homemade ice cream. Thanks for the Black Rasberry it was delicious. Living on Cape Cod can be fattening with all this good food. Happy food travels !!!

And the winners are for Best Presentation...The Sailing Cow...and Mattakeese Wharf for the Best Chowder

Second Place  Seaside Pub on Main Street in Hyannis...and Third Place to The British Beer Company on Main Street in Haynnis ( with other locations in Falmouth/Sandwich/Plymouth)


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