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Quahog Hunting For The Best Stuffed Quahog at Swan River Seafood

Stuffed Quahogs are just a great part of summer and when prepared with loving care, can be an awesome blend of savory stuffing and fresh seafood. Swan River Fish Market in Dennisport on Lower County Road on your way to or from West Dennis Beach is the place to stop for some great seafood and don't miss out on their flavorful stuffed quahogs. Its not your typical frozen version of salty blandness. Their stuffing has a great seafood flavor with great small bites of quahogs and fresh ingredients, not overly salted or seasoned. It is on of my top 5 stuffed quahogs on Cape Cod. If you haven't stopped by, then you need to and will find some great seafood to make your your home dining experience a great one. I love their "Beach Bread" which is garlic bread with shredded cheese wrapped in foil ready for the oven or a hot day at the beach to create a garlic lover's fantasy. All you need is a glass of wine and some great seafood or a great fresh salad to make it complete. They will cook your lobster for you to save you the stress and mess if you choose. What could be better than a day at the beach and some great fresh seafood to take home or enjoyed at the beach.Thanks Swan River for great seafood and excellent service !!!

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Seafood Hunting at The Chatham Pier Fish Market

What could be better than fresh seafood with an awesome view of Chatham's seacoast. Chatham Pier Fish Market is located in Chatham overlooking Aunt Lydia's Cove on Barcliff Avenue. With a working fishing pier you can view some of the Chatham seals who also seem to know where to get some good seafood as they follow in the fishing boats hoping for a treat or two. I have often stopped by for a picture or two of those seals whom I think resemble a sort of seadog to me. If you are a seafood lover stop by the little shack off to the left and get some of the best tasting freshest seafood around at Chatham Pier Fish Market. They sell fresh and cooked seafood but don't plan on looking for chairs or tables. This great seafood was meant to be eaten on the road or in some special spot that you enjoy with a great scenery. I have gotten fresh and cooked seafood here and never have been disappointed. The Clam Fritters are light and fluffy with more of a seafood than clam flavor and they serve it with a "Bistro Sauce" which is a little like a Remoulade Sauce. It is delicious and creamy with a little bite and a great change from the typical Tarter Sauce. Their stuffed quahog is very good with a savory herb seafood stuffing with nice small bites of clams. And if you are feeling adventurous and love celey and lobster then get the Lobster Roll which is large and has a great fresh taste and when paired with a great view, it will make you make you feel like you died and went to heaven. So if you are out there seafood hunting give them a try and you won't be dissapointed. I have also learned that Remoulade Sauce is great with seafood and have included a link to a recipe. Mix together mayonnaise, chili sauce, mustard, olive oil, hot sauce, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir in scallions, parsley, olives, celery, capers, and garlic. Season with chili powder, and salt and pepper. Cover, and refrigerate. Or check out the recipes. Happy Seafood Hunting!!!

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Along the Breakfast Trail at 6A Cafe

Breakfast with the "The Gronk", what could be a better start to a great day ? It was everything and more than promised, but before we go any further let me just say that "The Gronk" was  a great breakfast sandwich with a fried egg, cheese, meatloaf, lettuce and tomato. It was a great change from the usual breakfast fare and very delicious. The homefries were also very delicious and lightly seasoned with a great taste. Naomi my scrambled egg expert ordered her usual scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries and marbled toasted and was totally satisfied. We found all this at The 6A Cafe in Sandwich on Route6A .They have some great selections on the menu and some great waitresses. You might think that it looks old and dingy on the outside but its clean and the food is definitely worth the stop. Thanks for a great breakfast!!!


Chowderfest 2016

36th Annual Chowderfest !! at the Cape Cod Melody Tent today and what great weather we had for it. Armed with spoon and ballot in hand, I shuffled through the crowd sipping and tasting some very good chowders and some new restaurants were on hand to offer their version of a great clam chowder. Clam Chowder is really a matter of taste and everyone wants a certain consistency to the broth and some people like seasonings and some don't. My favorite this year was last year's winner The Sailing Cow who presented a rich creamy clam chowder with some good clam flavor. The Sailing Cow serves up some great breakfasts with awesome breezes and view of the beach in Dennis. My second best was Mattakeese Wharf which had a lightly almost smoky flavored with a rich creamy base. The Matteese Wharf is a great restaurant with good views of Barnstable Harbour and some awesome stuffed quahogs as well other choices on their menu. Everyone worked so hard to prepare for this event and it was fun because of their hard work. In the process of sampling some chowder, I discovered some new restaurants that I have to start visiting as I travel around Cape Cod. All in all it was fun with some good music and cool breezes and Four Sea Ice Cream made it complete with some great homemade ice cream. Thanks for the Black Rasberry it was delicious. Living on Cape Cod can be fattening with all this good food. Happy food travels !!!

And the winners are for Best Presentation...The Sailing Cow...and Mattakeese Wharf for the Best Chowder

Second Place  Seaside Pub on Main Street in Hyannis...and Third Place to The British Beer Company on Main Street in Haynnis ( with other locations in Falmouth/Sandwich/Plymouth)


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Sandwichfest in Sandwich 2016

Summer and sandwiches in Sandwich Massachusetts and I am in heaven. Bragging rights were up for grabs at the annual Sandwichfest today and with twelve contestants the competition was good and the sandwiches were awesome. It all took place today near the Hoxie House from 11am to 1pm and there were numerous activities that included: A Beer and Wine Garden serving Cape Cod Beer and choice of red and white wine, Sandwich Arts Alliance, children’s activities, plus Dog Costume Competition and Parade. The awards were the People choice which were a result of people purchasing a ticket for twenty dollars that allowed them the chance to try 6 of the 12 sandwiches in the competition and vote for the best. My only regret is that I wasn't able to try them all and give my best vote. The six sandwiches that I did try were all good but my favorite was the Sandwich Taverna entry which was a Gyro with marinated shredded pork with shredded lettuce, red onion, feta, cucumber, greek spread and spices. It was easy to eat because of the shredded pork and lettuce and the flavor blends were delicious. My other favorite was from Beth Bakery and Cafe and that was "The Puritan" which was carved turkey with cranberry chutney, sage mayo, lettuce on a Cranberry Pain De Mie (butter- and milk-rich loaf baked bread). I love sage and all of its health benifits and to taste its richness in the sandwich made it outstanding and it was enhanced by cranberry chutney and Cranberry Pain De Mie. The winner of the People's choice went to the Tomatoes Italian Grille & Bar for its "Hercules" sandwich which was assorted Italian meats and cheeses on a fresh Italian bread  with roasted red peppers a "secret dressing" which was creamy and seasoned. Then a panel of five judges including Cape Cod Times Food Editor Gwen Friss, State Rep. Randy Hunt, and Sandwich Police Chief Peter Wack tasted and determined which restaurant secured the enviable Judge’s Choice Best Sandwich in Sandwich Trophy. And the winner of award went to The Holly Ridge Golf Club Restaurant which  made the BLTCB with applewood smoked bacon, harvest greens, ripe tomatoes, english cucumbers, boursin cheese on a chiabata. I didn't try that so I can not give a comment on that, but will be looking forward to visiting them soon. My regret is that I didn't try the Marshland Too entry The Sweet Elvis which was fresh baked banana bread with a bacon whipped ganache and peanut butter mousse. So many sandwiches and so little time. It was fun and worth the trip. Congratulations to all the contestants, you all did a great job and will be in my mind when I am out there looking for a good place to eat. Thanks for the Fun!!

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Seafood Hunting at Captain Frosty's

Fried Clams have always been a part of my summer tradition and finding the tastiest isn't always easy and simple as some might think. Here on Cape Cod we have lots of great roadside stands and restaurants all waiting to serve us some great seafood, but the truth is that it's all a matter of taste. Captain Frosty's on route 6a in Dennis is another favorite stop whenever I am on Route 6a or in the mood for some clam cakes. The clam cakes are much like the ones I remember as a child from Rocky Point with a rich clam cake flavor and bits of chopped clams all fried to a crisp perfection. You would think it would be easy to find some good clam cakes on Cape Cod but few resturants serve them and if they do they don't have the great favor that these little cakes do. The fried clams are awesome and a little tip if you get them to go, is to empty them in the bag and let the steam out of the bag as this adds to the great crispiness that realy makes a fried clam great. I have eaten many times at Captian Frosty's and have never been disappointed so I can tell you to just choose what you love and I am sure you will be pleased. One of my favorite picks is the Lobster Roll which is awesome for the purest who wants their lobster roll simple with just a hint of mayonaise and chunks of sweet lobster on a toasted roll. Their casear salads and salads are awesome and can be topped with lobster, scallops, salmon or lobster and will sent you into a heavenly experience. They serve their clam cakes with just about any seafood combo and fish and chips which offers cod or flounder as a fish choice. So while you are out there hunting for some good seafood stop by and visit Captain Frosty's.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Homeport

Breakfast is still my first love and if someone is making it for me, then I am in heaven. As I have said before, if you are willing to travel or are traveling around Cape Cod there is always a great breakfast spot close no matter what route you are on and I have proof of it in my travels. Today along my travels I found yet another great spot with awesome waitresses at the Homeport Restaurant in Orleans at 55 Main Street. The menu is inventive and vast with so many choices and the daily specials will make your decision even more difficult, but one thing is for sure it will keep you coming back. My dilemma this morning was whether to have one of the two specials that caught my eye and I picked the Linguica, mushroom and cheese omelet with homefries and bran toast. The omelet was simple and creamy and so good. The homefries were lighty flavored and sauteed and not overly seasoned. My other choice would have been the breakfast burger with sausage or bacon, but I do believe I will return to this great spot for breakfast and more. My friend Naomi who is the scrambled egg expert decided to try the Cinnamon Crossiant French Toast with a side of crispy bacon. Her French Toast was buttery and grilled to perfection and could have easily been a decadent desert with fresh fruit and cream. One might missed this great restaurant spot as it is hidden near the The Friends' Marketplace and Garden Center but if you get the chance I am sure you won't be disappointed. Thanks Homeport for delivering a great breakfast!!! I will be back for sure and my only regret is that I might have to wait in line but it will be worth the wait.

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Hamburg Hunting at Dockside

Burger with a view and a menu filled with good choices is what you can find at The Dockside on 110 School Street in Hyannis. Whether its breakfast, lunch or diner you can always enjoy a good meal with a great Hyannis Harbour view and a great helpful wait staff. I have been here for breakfast several times and have never been disappointed and now on my hamburger hunt, I found some great sandwich choices on the menu. Today I just had to follow my heritage so I ordered the Portuguese Burger which was a simple 8oz Angus Burger topped with a chourico patty, Jack Cheese, grilled onions, lettuce and sliced tomatoes on a fresh bulky roll that reminded me a good portuguese bread roll. It was all I needed and a lot like the burgers that I have prepared at home with crispy fries and the harbour view, I was in heaven. My friend decided on the special burger of the day The Cheeseburger Club which also was simply prepared and equally as good. They have lots of choices and the staff is always ready to make your meal a great experience. The Dockside keeps me coming back and I am sure to return to sample more. Don't forget to try their deserts. I split a Boston Cream Pie which was awesome and my only regret was that I forgot to take a photo. Kick back and enjoy what Dockside has to offer. Thanks Dockside!!!

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Hamburg Hunting at The Red Nun

Burger Hunting time and Cape Cod has a lot of great burgers to satisfy the weary traveler wherever you may be traveling. Legend has it that no one knows how to make a great burger like The Red Nun and with the original on Route 28 in Chatham and the new addition on Route 28 in Dennisport on Main Street, you have great choices with a good casual atmosphere. Their burgers are hand-packed certified Angus burgers on top of a cripsy english muffin and served with crispy french fries and a dill pickle. They have some great burger choices as well as a "build your own burger" At first I thought it was a little crazy to put such a great burger on a english muffin but after getting the burger, I understood their reasoning as the english muffin held up well to hold all the savory toppings and the crispiness added great crunch. My friend ordered the Red Nun burger with had the works sauteed mushrooms and onions, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, sliced thin tomatoes and shredded lettuce with red onion. She was in heaven from the first bite and her only problem was opening her mouth wide enough to enjoy that first bite. The burger itself is light and very flavorful in its own right and grilled to perfection. I decided on the BLAT which include crispy bacon, shredded lettuce, avocado and tomatoes. The creamy avocado just melted into burger and toppings with a little mayo and mustard, I was in heaven and savoring each delicious bite. During the week that we visited they also offerd a Kangaroo Burger topped with a citrus shrimp salad with cabbage and tomatoes which for me was a little too adventerous. I am however intertested in trying their High Thai'd Burger which is topped with a special thai sauce blend of Peanut Butter, lime, soy, ginger, cilantro, sirracha and cayenne as well as cabbage and tomatoes. I can tell that I wil be returning as the burger was very flavorful and their presentation great. Thanks Red Nun for a Great Burger along my tasting trail.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Besty's Diner

Memorial Day Weekend is here and its the unofficial start to summer and a time to pay tribute to those many men and women who sacrified their lives for our freedom. And in remembering I am taken back to a time when life was easier. Gather your memories and hit the road to Besty's Diner in Falmouth on route 28 and you won't be disappointed. Memories are what keeps us moving on and what better way to honor some our favorite memories than by visiting a diner whoose food does the memories justice. With a jukebox tableside, I enjoyed my eggs over easy, crispy homefries, savory sausage links and toasted french bread. My plate size fluffy pancakes that came included provided me with the sweetness that  I love with breakfast. My friend decided on scrambled eggs, crispy bacon , savory homefries and rye toasts along with her pancakes. The bread selections in themselves make the meal special with their fresh lightly toasted thickness and my friend's eyes glowed with the sight of the thick sliced toast that she just had to top it with some strawberry jam to start her meal out. Their menu has some great choices and one can always make a breakfast selection of just what they like as the prices are reasonable. Even if you don't remember the old diners, you need to make Besty's Diner a stop for the food is delicious and their coffee is an outstanding start to the day. Thanks to the waitresses and the cook for making this a great stop.

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