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Along the Breakfast Trail at Ann & Fran's

Snowny Days and Mondays always get me down, but not after I have enjoyed a great breakfast with some good friends. In the summer time at the height of a Cape Cod Summer, you can always find groups of people waiting for their chance to get inside of Ann & Fran's Kitchen to savor a great breakfast and I know why they wait. The choices were awesome and that was just a prelude to some very delicious food. Their menu offers the usual breakfast choices and then they have daily specials sure enough to make your decision almost impossible. I decided on the Southern Fried Benedict with a tender juicey piece of battered fried chicken breast over a homemade biscuit and topped with sausage gravy. The tastes were all so good and complimented each other and with some perfectly good cooked homefries, I was in heaven. My friend decided on the 2x2x2 which was her choice of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and french toast. She always loves to complete her breakfast with some savory goodness and the thick french toast provided the perfect medium to complete her breakfast fantasy. The coffee was good and our awesome waitress kept it coming which made our breakfast experience even better. If you haven't tried Ann & Fran in West Yarmouth on Route 28, then you need to. Thanks Ann & Fran's for a great breakfast experience.

Peruvian Cuisine without Leaving Cape Cod

I have been to Tumi Ceviche Bar and Ristorante off of Main Street in Hyannis before and enjoyed my first experience with Peruvian Cuisine and decided I would someday go back to try their "Prix Fixe" Menu. The menu is available Sunday through Wednesday, all night long and Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1130am to 530pm. It is truely a gem hidden down an alley way off Main Street in Hyannis with a cozy warm atmosphere. Their specialty is Ceviche a hugely popular dish in South America. The basic ingredient is raw fish, cut into bite-size pieces and marinated in the juice of an acidic fruit (usually lime), salt, and seasonings (usually chili peppers). The citric acid in the juice changes the texture of the fish, without changing its “raw” taste. Ceviche is an old tradition in South America, dating back to the earliest inhabitants. The Incas preserved their fish with fruit juice, salt and chile peppers, and later the Spanish conquerors introduced the now essential limes. It something that I wouldn't normally try but it was the first course of the menu so I decided to give it a try. I picked the Scallop Cerviche with Fried Calamari with fresh lime juice, aji limo (chile peppers) and cholo ( Peruvian corn). It was delicious and the scallops were tender with a little zing from the peppers, fresh lime juice and pieces of roasted corn. After trying it, I am ready to go back and sample more cerviche. My second course was Mussels which were sautéed mussels with pancetta in white wine lemon butter, served with parmesan crisp. The mussels were perfectly seasoned and the broth had a light citrus flavor that made search for more fresh bread to soak up and enjoy its savory goodness. My friend decided on the Fried Calamari  served with aji Amarillo sauce (spicy yellow sauce) with aioli. Her calamari were delicate pieces of calamari with a light crispiness and the sauce was delicious with a little spice. What is good about the "Prix Fixe" menu is that you get small portions of delicious food and it allows you the chance to sample the menu and try things that you might not had ever thought to try. For the main course I had the Grilled Salmon Andino which was wood grilled salmon, Peruvian tacu tacu (caramelized rice and lentils), sautéed grapes, red wine vinaigrette reduction. The flavors were awesome and the rice was so creamy and good that I took some home. My friends had the Lamb Osso Bucco which was Peruvian style, braised lamb shank with aji amarillo, Peruvian beer, vegetables, cilantro, served with shiitake mushrooms risotto, white kidney beans puree. Although I am not a lover of lamb both of my friend seemed to truely enjoy their lamb. The evening was very pleasant with good company and some great mediteranean music playing in the background made me feel for a moment I was off on vacation.And finally I ended my evening with Tiramisu and one of my friends tried the Tres Leches which is a cake that is made with three kinds of  milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream. Both desserts were light airy and very flavorful. If there is one thing that I have learned from this dining experience its that I need to return to Tumi again and savor some more Peruvian cuisine. Thanks Tumi!!

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Diving into Some Savory Soups

Growing up as a Soup Lover, I have tasted many a good savory soups and have longed for a place that I could stop by to pick up that savory bowl of fresh goodness to warm my insides and awaken my flavor buds to a new burst of flavors. Ever since I watched an episode of a Seinfeld comedy with "The Soup Nazi", I have longed for a place where I too could get my savory soup withouth the cooking. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and soup is one of my favorite dishes but sometimes you just want to try something different. On Cape I have found a great place with some very robust and flavorful soups at Roche Brothers Market in Mashpee. They have a Portugues Kale soup with linguicia and a rich green vegetable broth that is as close to the one I remember from my childhood memories. White Chicken Chili with beans and a rich creamy sauce with mexican spices makes for some creamy goodness sure to awaken anyone's tastebuds. They make Haddock Chowder, Hungarian Mushroom, Italian Wedding Soup, Minestrone, Broccoli Cheddar, Thai Chicken ( which is awesome), and many more delicious soups. The soups selections change daily and they are five choices for you to try decide on. For me it is difficult because I haven't tasted a soup I didn't like at Roche Brothers. And if you are pressed for time or want a quick lunch/supper, they have prepared foods to make your day a little easier. Thanks Roche Brothers your soups are awesome.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Good Friends Cafe

Yes its spring and a lot more restaurants are opening and the Cape is beginning to come alive again and prepare for a Summer of Fun. It is a great time to take a ride and go exploring into gift shops and taking pictures of the beautiful vistas along the way. The Good Friends Cafe is a favorite and remains open all winter to help us locals get by the dreary cold mornings and they even baked some awesome home made breads that are truely delicious and like none you have ever tasted. The coffee here is rich and flavorful and a good start to a morning full of potential fun and enjoyment. I enjoyed the special of the day Linguica, eggs, homefries and toast, while my frend savored the eggs,bacon,sausage and pancakes.The restaurant is small but cozy and located on School Street on the way to the West Dennis Beach which has some beautiful vistas of its own. So Along my Breakfast Trail The Good Friends Cafe is another great place to have breakfast with a great menu and great staff.

Seafood Hunting at Kreme 'N Kone in West Dennis

Nothing says summer like Fried Clams and for me nobody does it better than Kreme 'n Kone in West Dennis and if you love crispy fried onion ring with your seafood, the you gotta stop here. Every February I look forward to the opening of Kreme 'n Kone to ease me out of my winter depression and they have never dissappointed me with their delicious menu selections. The clam chowder is rich and creamy with good clam flavor and sure to hit the spot. The clams are flavorful and crisp and remind me of an old childhood memory long gone called McGray's that was in Westport on route 6. So far in my fried clam hunting, their fried clams are the closest to recreating that memory for me on Cape Cod. Their fried scallops are big, jucey and fried to perfection with batter still entact and sweet goodness in every bite. You can make your own seafood combo as they offer many great choices that are sure to please your own taste. And if it's a salad you like, I strongly suggest a Caesar Salad with the optional grilled chicken or shrimp and you will truely be satisfied with that grilled savory flavor on your  cool fresh salad. Their lobster roll is also a hit for me and is not doused in mayonaise but served simple in its purest fresh ocean flavor and you can certainly have a side of butter to make it Connecticut style. They also serve burgers and other menu selctions and after it all you can indulge in a cone of soft serve ice cream with your choice of flavor. The owners are friendly and theit staff is ready to make you experience a good one and after one stop, you will be back for more. Thanks Kreme 'n Kone for all that goodness. The only thing missing is clam cakes and stuffed quahogs.

Along the Breakfast Trail Looking for Great Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day and I hope that if you are a pancake lover, you are doing this day justice. Along my trails in all my various breakfast stops I have found some great pancakes and lots of choices. As I have said before, we here on Cape Cod are lucky enough to have some very good restaurants from Wareham to Provincetown. The only thing required along your journey for some great pancakes is money and a good appetite. I have always loved IHop for the special combos and of because of those great syrup flavors. I could never decide on just one, so I always divide up my pancake and use them all on each section. I hope that on your trails to some great scenery and the start of what appears to be a great day here on Cape Cod, that you find beautiful vistas for your pictures and some great food. Thanks to all those great breakfast restaurants out there who provide us with awesome food and if you find a great place, I hope you share the experience with me or your friends. I would provide a list of mr favorites but I am afraid my list is too long. Enjoy your day.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The Daily Paper on Main Street

When you find a great breakfast spot with lots of great choices and you are like me out there looking for the another great spot, you often just have to return to a favorite spot and see if they are still cooking up that favorite breakfast you remembered. Well at the Daily Paper on Main Street in Hyannis, I have never beed disappointed and I love their other location on West Main Street in Hyannis as well. But the favorite is for me is the Main Street location for some reason and it could be because of their homemade Honey Wheat Bread which is so flavorful and yet they don't get enough accolades about it's great taste. The menu choices for breakfast are vast and their blackboard specials are inventive and remind me of good old home cooking at its best. On this cold rainy morning, we ventured in for some good old Cape Cod goodness and found it in all the specials but had much difficulty in deciding on just which one to pick. My brother picked the Meatloaf Special which include two egg,which he had over easy, home fries and toasts. The meatloaf was light and very flavorful and the combination was very savory. I picked the French Toast special with Bluberry Compote, eggs over easy, bacon, home fries and sausage which satisfy my savory and sweet breakfast cravings. The coffee was hot and delicious and our waitress was awesome and kept our cups filled. All in all, if you haven't been there, you need to stop by. Thanks Daily Paper for yet another Great Breakfast.

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Quahog Hunting For the Best Stuffed Quahog at Marshland's

Well yesterday was National Clam Chowder Day and here on Cape Cod you have one of the best selections of Clam Chowder recipes from fast food to fine dining. It all depends where you are along the many scenic routes and what kind of atmosphere you choose for your dining experience. I have been on a quest for a great rich flavorful stuffed quahog and although I have tasted many, my favorite comfort place is always Marshland. I have been to all of their three locations and each location does the recipe proud and you won't be disappointed wherever you go to try it. Their chowder is a good rich thick creamy compliment to a hot savory stuffed quahog, especially on a cold February day. But their sweet savory buttered quahog with just a hint of spice and linguica is the best comfort food for me. I have a Portuguese heritage and cooking the quahog stuffing with a little linguica really kicks it up a notch and what first sent me on the trail of finding a good stuffed quahog was seeing a video on the Food Channel with Duff Goldman. Since I have tried them at all of the Marshland locations and introduced my friends to their savory goodness. I even had a friend purchase six to take home and another lady who lives alone and never tried linguica bought two home to get her through the week. So if you are out there on the road stop by and try a great stuffed quahog and if you know of another place that does the quahog justice whether it be chowder or stuffed, just let me know. Have fun along your dining trail, but if you want to be adventurous here is a good recipe for stuffed quahogs.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Olympia Restaurant

My mother always said if you are out and about and looking for a great place to eat, then go where the crowds are. I have been driving by The Olympia Seafood And Lobster House Restaurant on Route 28 in Yarmouth and watching the parking lot filled with patrons and thinking that I should try this place. On the weekends the parking lot is always busy so I decided to try them on a weekday and they were still busy with some hungry local customers. The inside is casual Cape Cod and nautical. The menu was very reasonable with the usual breakfast choices and at first my thoughts were this is too good to be true, but they proved me wrong and served up a delicious breakfast fast and warm. The coffee cup was small but the staff never left me with less than half a cup of good rich flavorful coffee. I ordered the eggs over easy with linguica, home fries and a buttered grilled english muffin, while my friend ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries and raisin toast. Her bacon was crispy and well cooked. All in all the crowd is right and for just under $18 our breakfast was good. So once again along my trail I have found yet another great place for breakfast. We sure are lucky on Cape Cod to have so many great places and good choices.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The IHop Again

Nothing like a place that will serve breakfast all day for those of us who just can't seem to get our bodies going on a cold February morning. Nobody does it better to satisfy my sweet and savory cravings in the food chain business than The Ihop and since their coffee got better; it's a great place to eat. Most choices are under ten dolllars and the most difficulty you will find is trying to decide on just what to have as your combination mini buffet. For me the Double Dipped  Brioche French Toast with Blackberry and Vanilla or the Double Dipped Brioche French Toast with Bananas, Chocolate and Reese's Peanut Butter sauce seemed a little overboard but my choice had a good amount of calories too. My decision was difficult between Red Velvet Pancakes or Rasberry White Chocolate Chip Pancakes and I went with the White Chocolate. I also had to go for savory too and needed my eggs over easy, hash brown, bacon and grilled english muffin. It's was all so good and the best part was that I took half the pancakes home for dessert later. My friend opted for the French Toast with scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns which was also so appealing. The breakfast was good and it has always been my experience that the Ihop delivers a great breakfast and is worth the stop. I know that I will be back again, once I have worked off those calories for such a delicious indulgence.

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