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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Wee Packet

They have been in business for over 65 years and have managed to keep that Cape Cod tradition with a bit of international flair. Quietly hidden on the corner of Depot Street and Lower County Road in Dennis Port sits The Wee Packet restaurant with good food and a very friendly waitstaff. Their menu offers lots to choose from and your only problem will be deciding just what to order. I ordered the "Packet Scramble" with four scrambled eggs served with diced ham, onions and green peppers, topped with shredded cheese, golden homefries and a toasted english muffin.The eggs and homefries were delicious and not greasy. One of my friends loves Portuguese Sweet Bread and ordered the "Portuguese Sweet Bread Sandwich" which had eggs, diced ham and cheese served on a Portuguese Muffin (Bolo Levedo) with a side of savory baked beans. While it was very good, my friend was so looking forward to the sweet bread which has a lighter fluffy texture and so good to make French Toast with. My other friend traveled the old familar breakfast route and opted for "I'm Darn Hungry" which had two egg scrambled (her choice), Two slices of French Toast, two strips of bacon and two sausage. They also offer some great Irish specialties like the "Full Irish Breakfast" with two eggs any style, Irish sausage, Irish Rasher, Black & White pudding and a grilled tomato. The coffee was a good medium roast and the waitresses very friendly. Its casual and has a great Cape Cod tradtion with outdoor dining and a great gift shop.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Seven Seas

It's summer all right and my quiet little heaven has become a bustling little place, especially at breakfast time when people scramble out of bed to start their day for some savory breakfast treats. Along my travels I have witnessed some very fussy customers with short tempers and very critical of all that is served to them. I have seen people sit down and instantly become critical of the menu and I want to say just get up and leave but often they stay only to take in others with their negativism. I have seen people get up and leave after ordering breakfast because it wasn't serve fast enough. Just got to say, Hey people it's vacation and time to chill a little.

So back to my Breakfast Trail story, I was traveling along route and my destination choice was busy. I decided on trying Seven Seas in Dennisport on route 28 because the line wasn't big and its has been a busy place this summer. It is small with nautical theme decor and very clean. The waitress staff was very friendly and from my experiences I give them high points because of all that they have to deal with. Breakfast is breakfast and I have seen only one restaurant fail and they are no longer in business. Seven Seas has no web site with a posted menu but they do have a Facebook site that isn't regularly updated. The coffee was good and if I had one complaint, it's was that my coffee cup was too small but my awesome waitress made sure it was always hot and full. My friend ordered the 2x2x2 in which she got scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon which was presented nicely and tasted great. I chose the Linguica Omelette with cheddar cheese, home fries and a grilled english muffin. The omelette was fluffy with nice flavorful thin slices of linguica and cooked to perfection and not greasy. The home fries are fresh cut potatoes cooked in little linguica grease for flavoring and was good for me, but I often hear people complaining grease and homefries. My english muffin was grilled to perfection with butter on the side for me to spread. All in all this is a great place to have breakfast and the waitstaff is awesome. So Along My Trail this place is great.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The Sailing Cow Cafe

In the heat of the last day of July, I found a cool oasis on Old Wharf Road in Dennisport at The Sailing Cow Cafe. You can eat indoors or outdoors with a cool breeze from the beach and light smell of that fabulous tropical sun tan lotion from alll those sun worshipers. The Sailing Cow Cafe offers a great menu selection with Benny's, wraps, omelets, burritos, quesadilas, sandwiches, pancakes and more. I decided on the cheese omelet with mushrooms and sausages which was ever so flavorful and my friend chose the two egg scramble. The home fries may look dark and burnt but once you take a bit you will taste the savory goodness of them. The coffee was good and of a medium roast. All in all The Sailing Cow Cafe is just another great place to have breakfast but with beach appeal.Love my Cape Cod and the Breakfast choices.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Breakfast Room

After 44 years in business you have to learn a lot along the way to feeding hungry travelers and The Breakfast Room knows how to keep it simple. They cook it simple, fresh and serve it your way daily. My mom always said you can tell a good restaurant by the parking lot and also when on the road where the "Truckers" eat. Well The Breakfast Room in West Dennis on route 28 always seems to have a steady flow of incoming traffic and I think it's because they cook good homestyle meals. The French Toast is not big and thick, but it is ever so flavorful with a hint of cinnamon to make it ever so savory. I have heard rave reviews of their Banana Bread French Toast and I have to go back to try that. Be sure to check that special board when dinning there and I don't think you will be dissapointed. Their homefries are crispy and simply seasoned and good. Check out their menu and I am sure that you will find sometime you like. Just another great restaurant to have breakfast on Cape Cod. It's great to live on Cape Cod.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Dino's

Another hidden gem tuck decreetly in a small shoppong plaza off of route 28 in Harwich Port is Dino's Harwich Port Grille. They are small in size but big on taste and affordable breakfast choices. It has been a place before on my first visit and when  I returned it was good and they have never disappointed me on any of my visits.My friend chose the pancakes and scrambled eggs with sausage which was light fluffy and flavorable. I made my omelet with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese with delicious simple grilled hash brown potatoes. Along your Breakfast Trail you got to give Dino's a try and check out their menu.

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Sand Sculptures in Yarmouth

It's time to get out there and enjoy your summer but do it slowly so that you can savor all the goodness along the way on Cape Cod. Although all the activities are done from the Yarmouth Summer Celebration Kick off, there are still great sand sculptures to be hunted down and captured in a photo. Click on the highlighted word and print out your map. The sand artists did an awesome job and I wish that I had the talent they have. Maybe you will get some ideas for your own sand sculptures. Have fun and enjoy the summer!!!

Along the Breakfast Trail at The Lighthouse Cafe

Breakfast is the best way to start a fun day on Cape Cod and  in my opinion, no buddy does it better than Cape Cod. We have a vast variety of restaurants sure to please anyone's taste buds. The Lighthouse Cafe is a family owned and operated business on route 28 in West Harwich which has been serving delicious food for six years. Although their menu isn't posted online, I am sure that you will find something that you love and its homecooking at its best and reasonably priced. Their expertise seems to be in hash and they have a few choices and a good special menu daily. Being Portuguese I had to try their linguica hash which was fresh with ground linguica, chopped red peppers, onions and small pieces of potatoes. It was a little spicey but very good, especially if you love linguica as I do. My friend tried their roasted pork hash which was served with finely shredded pork, peppers, onions and small pieces of potatoes with a savory goodness of great home cooking. The cheese omellette with asparagus was also delicious and their hash brown potatoes where freshly made and not overly seasoned. They are open year round Monday through Saturday 6am until 2pm and breakfast is always available. On Sunday,  they are open 6am until 1pm. A family run business at its bests from everyone involved. I will be returning to this great place again.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Bonatt's Bakery and Restaurant

It wouldn't be summer without the taste of a fresh baked "Meltaway" and we were lucky to just get there in time to savor its goodness turned into a French Toast presentation just before they were sold out. A "Meltaway" is a flavorful cross between a cinnamon roll and a danish pastry that has been a Bonatt's family tradition for over fifty years now in Harwich at the Bonatt's Bakery and Restaurant. It becomes even more delicious when its grilled up, buttered and dripping with savory maple syrup. You get a choice of two eggs served up the way you like and a choice bacon or sausage which makes a hearty rich breakfast that you will long remember. They have lots of other breakfast choices that are always sure to please. The coffee they serve is Beanstock which is a local favorite, rich and flavorful. Despite the many changes that Bonatt's has gone through they continue with the tradition of good home cooking and it was nice to see that their matriarch Alice making sure her customers were satisfied.

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A Breakfast Bakery Could Be Just What You Need

A Breakfast Bakery Could Be Just What You Need
A Breakfast Bakery Could Be Just What You Need
A Breakfast Bakery Could Be Just What You Need

Quahog Hunting for the Best Stuffie at Flying Bridge

It's all about preparation and add in a great view of the Falmouth Harbour which is bustling this time of the year, add in a cool summer breeze and you have the perfect backdrop to a summer dining experience you won't long forget. The Flying Bridge is a great place to enjoy a summer event and this year they were the hosts for the summer kick off with Doug the Quahog who predicted a good summer. Now don't tell Doug, but their Stuffed Quahog is delicious with a light bread stuffing,  a hint seafood and nice bites of quahogs. Their chowder is rich and creamy and one of the best that I have had on Cape Cod. Now this is a place I will be returning as the menu has lots to offer and the view is spectactular. So little time and so much to explore out there. Have a Fun Summer!!

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Piccadilly Deli & Cafe

Just when I think that I have exhausted my sources of good breakfast places, I find there's a lot more out there and Piccadilly Deli & Cafe in South Yarmouth on Route 28 is yet another good breakfast spot with friendly waitresses. I believe that they could be the "King of the Benny's" as there have a whole menu section dedicated to the Benny and it's called, " World of Benny". I just had to try one and chose the "Jamies Deli Benny" which was two poached eggs on top of ham, lingucia, bacon, sausage, tomato, onion, green peppers, mushrooms, homefries & whatever with a delicious Hollandaise Sauce and grilled english muffins on the side. I have to say it was one of the best Benny's that I have had and this is a place that I would return. My friend decided on the scrambled eggs, french toast, bacon and sausage selection and more than pleased with her choice. So on my Breakfast Trail, I have found yet another good place to have breakfast. Thank God and all those great Breakfast choices.

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