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Barnstable Today: August 28, 2014

The Barnstable Agricultural Commission is exploring increasing the town's community garden stock. Experts stopped by this week's Ag Com meeting - and we break it down for you on this episode of Barnstable Today. Plus: Fireworks this Saturday in Lewis Bay!


Barnstable Today: August 27, 2014

The Cape Cod Commission has released its Draft 208 Water Quality Plan Update. Barnstable Today's Sarah Colvin spoke with Commission executive Paul Niedzwiecki about the plan, the public comment period, and the future of wastewater management on Cape Cod.


Barnstable Today: Monday August 25, 2014

Economic issues are cited as the reason developers pulled out of a venture to bring a pirate museum to Hyannis, the town loses its appeal to take back a popular town way to water, plus we have details about upcoming events to celebrate Barnstable’s 375th Anniversary.

Barnstable Today: Friday August 22, 2014

Complaints of burns at a local tanning salon leads to new regulations, summer is winding down we have all the information on what beaches will remain staffed and which won’t, and a new shellfish area is opening in town next week.

Barnstable Today: Monday August 18, 2014

Plans for a pirate museum in Hyannis fall through, Barnstable Public School officials are gearing up for the upcoming school year, and Cape Cod Community College faculty are helping students save money on text books. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.


Barnstable Today: Special Edition - Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition

Today, we take you to Chatham for the 40th annual Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition. Barnstable came in first place in its division. Ten teams from across Cape Cod compete in sixteen challenging events.


Barnstable Today: August 14, 2014

Barnstable This Morning's Sarah Colvin talks with printmaker and graphic designer Nancy Viall Shoemaker about two new books celebrating the town's history, "Barnstable @ 375" and "West Barnstable Remembered". Learn more at www.barnstable375.com.

Barnstable Today: Thursday August 7, 2014

We have details about tonight's Town Council meeting on this episode of Barnstable Today.

Barnstable Today: Monday August 4, 2014

This week Town council will vote on a land swap that could allow the Barnstable shooting range to re-open, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Czajkowski is gearing up for the upcoming school year, and state funding will allow Cape Cod Community College to launch a new program next year.

Barnstable Today: Friday August 1, 2014

We have shellfishing do’s and don’ts on this episode of Barnstable Today.